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  1. Cold fusion has a high energy density so tiny reactors can be made that last a really long time.

    The reaction is clean, with no radioactive waste and no CO2 emissions.

    The fuel is hydrogen, which is found in water, and abundant on Earth and in the universe.

    It is different than any other energy source humans have ever had. When technology is available, cold fusion will revolutionize the world in ways we can’t even imagine.

    1. yes and all of that have consequence.
      one is that the autonomy may be huge, like nuclear reactor.
      one is that it can be small, and managed by non professional like fire
      one is that it produce heat and can use well known heat to power engines (turbines, stirlings…)

      it is nuclear for everybody as people were dreaming in the 50s… until we realized it was too radioactive, and too heavy for most applications.

      the density of energy is huge (like uranium – 10-100MW.h per gram), even if today the density of power is like a gas burner (1-10kW/kg).

      this mean nuclear energy at home, plane flying for months, cars filled for decades, boats and plane lighters, island and lost villaged fueled once a decade…

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