Greetings from the Groundlings

To the participants of the 17th International Conference on Cold

by Kelley Trezise a.k.a. Zedshort

From the “Groundling-believers of the Blog-O-Sphere”, we the unvetted, the unmarked many (or possibly few as we too are uncertain as to our numbers) devoted to the events and rumors of the day concerning, LENR, LANR, cold-fusion or what name you may apply to the phenomena, send you salutations. Your scientific endeavors are close to our hearts in that we too hope you may, some day soon, bear forth the truth concerning the evolution of Anomalous Energy Generation.

Fear not. We, the groundlings, the uninvited, are not here to storm your stage and disrupt the proceedings, nor to make demands for more and better evidence; nor are we here to engage in a loud, rancorous battle of the believers-vs.-skeptics here, before your alarmed eyes. We are, in fact, not even here.

We, the groundling-believers are simultaneously nowhere and everywhere as we fill the ether of the net. Our communications, though they may capture the attention for a time as brief as that of the life of a mayfly some interested few of our fellow groundlings, we too are in a sense here among you, and we are hopeful to hear the good news.

We, the believers, the groundlings, hope that someday soon you will reveal the facts, the whole facts and nothing but the facts and so to end for us this interminably long and tortuous suspension of our judgment as to the reality of the phenomena. We implore you: give us evidence and give us peace.

We, the believers, ultimately hope from you affirmative results, and penultimately the production of some device capable of producing the clean, abundant energy that might lift us, the mere groundlings, to greater and greener abundances.

We, the believers, the groundlings, lift our faces upward, however tremulously and briefly, into the face of a hope for a brighter future for all.

And though we are mere groundlings, we wish you the best and success in your scientific endeavors be they positive or null.

6 Replies to “Greetings from the Groundlings”

  1. You going to Daejeon Zedshort?
    See you there.
    Way out of my comfort zone
    You think this is uncomfortable?
    This could be an annual thing, an excuse to Live.
    Beats sport.
    The Olympics of Reality.

  2. Caveman makes fire in his cave. Impresses the girls.
    Another man wants to impress the girls too.
    Tries to make fire.
    Has a hissy fit. Declares Fire does not exist.

    1. Ha ha! Hello Robert Park, Johnnie Huizenga, Ron Parker, Ballinger, etc. Hissy fitters all.

  3. I heard on a radio interview that Mr. Godes of Brillouin Energy had invited a skeptic, who calls himself Goatman, to his SanFrancisco lab for a demo of his cold fusion boiler. Goatman lives right across the bay. Goatman never showed up. So much for skeptics and their hissy fits.

    1. The honourable philosophy of scepticism has been hijacked. A sceptic believes the evidence of his eyes.
      A pseudo-sceptic is wilfully blind.

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