Green Party moves closer to support cold fusion

James Martinez, the only talk radio host regularly featuring interviews with cold fusion scientists has formally achieved another first: getting politicians to talk about cold fusion.

On the Thursday, Oct. 21 edition of Cash-flow, James interviewed Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate for Governor of California. [visit] She had recently been arrested trying to enter the candidate’s debate, from which all third party candidates are excluded, and with a ticket in hand, was escorted by armed men into a waiting vehicle. Outrageous indeed.

But, could the Green Party be the first third party to openly support cold fusion on their party platform, forcing the discussion of clean energy towards a viable alternative to the renewables?

Word has it that David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate is meeting in DC with some LENR scientists to be briefed on this technology. If he realizes the potential of this energy source and how it will completely change the paradigm of life in the 21rst century, as well as the opportunity it gives the Green Party in the U.S., then he will have to go back and convince the party members.

Suffice to say, Cold Fusion Now will be behind him all the way.
Cold Fusion Now will support any candidate willing to take a stand squarely in support of LENR research.
We would like to see all political parties support this desperately needed technology.

However, it’s clear. Green Party is moving closer to openly supporting cold fusion.
Here’s a clip from the Cash-flow show on Thursday, Oct. 21.

2010-10-21–Laura Wells excerpt 1 by Cold Fusion Now

For the full interview with Laura Wells, go to the Cash-flow archives at Achieve Radio, or, download the .mp3 from Cold Fusion Radio page here.

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