Frank Znidarsic: LENR, Antigravity, and a “New Age of Wonder”

Interview with Frank Znidarsic: a Registered Professional Electrical Engineer in the state of Pennsylvania. During his many years working in the energy sector, he has personally witnessed the limitations and decline of American Industry. Frank has written numerous peer reviewed and non peer reviewed articles on Cold Fusion, Antigravity, and Foundational Physics and has also been featured in Infinite Energy Magazine. He is also the author of the book ‘Energy, Cold Fusion and Antigravity’.

His Quantum Transition Theory (aka Z-Theory) resolves a variety of quantum enigmas (Planck’s Constant, Quantum Jumping, Energy Level of Photons) utilizing a classical approach. His theory accounts for Cold Fusion/LENR as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of the Nuclear Strong Force (aka Spin Orbit Force), and also accounts for Antigravity as a byproduct of the amplified magneto component of the Gravitational Force. This amplification occurs when a BEC-Superconductor State is achieved in a system vibrated at a dimensional frequency of 1.094 megahertz-meters.

By exploring these topics more in depth, Frank believes that mankind can achieve an age of abundance in the not too distant future. Frank’s book can be purchased on Amazon, and more information about Frank can be found at his personal website, on YouTube, as well as at the forums. A breakdown of the interview can be referenced below if so desired:

0min- 5min: Frank’s Professional and Academic Credentials; Issues with Mainstream Energy Solutions; Industrial Profit Culture; Frank’s Interest in Cold Fusion/LENR; Frank’s Interest in Anti-Gravity; Frank’s Personal Visits to NASA Marshall/James Patterson/George Miley

5min- 15min: Quantum Transition Theory; Conservation Laws and Magnetism Ex Nihilo; Magneto Amplification; Magneto Component of Strong Nuclear Force and Gravity; Meissner Effect in Superconductors; Kicking Superconductors into Quantum Transition; Quantum Transition in Patterson Cold Fusion Cells and Podkletnov Gravity Discs; Quantum Transition Velocity and Atoms; Impedance Matched Systems and Quantum Transition; Classical Derivation of Quantum Constants; Classical Physics vs. Quantum Mechanics; Einstein and Hidden Variables; Solving Photon Paradox; Exploring Amplitude vs. Frequency

16min- 23min: Feynman on Quantum Physics; Gravito-Magnetic Component and Momentum; Mutability of Gravito-Magnetism and Spin Orbit Force via Quantum Jump Stimulation; Impedance Match between Transverse Electromagnetic Wave and Longitudinal Mechanical/Sound Wave in Atoms during Transition; Range Increase of Magnetic Forces; Vibratory Transition in Bose-Einstein Condensates; Evidence for BEC /Superconductor Condition in Palladium Cathode/Proton Conductors; Why No Radiation Emissions During LENR/Cold Fusion; Amplification of Spin Orbit Force Allows for Clean Nucleon Cluster Energy Exchange

23min- 31min: Visit with Hal Puthoff; Nano-Particles and Quantum Transition in LENR Systems; Nano-Particles in Rossi and Defkalion Generators; Difficulty of Controlling Runaway Reactions; Speculative Mechanics of Superluminal Space Travel; Non-Conservation of Inertial Mass; Distinguishing Further Between Electromagnetism and Gravito-Magnetism; Conservation and Momentum; BEC Vibration Equivalent of Soft Iron Amplification

31min- 42min: Cosmo-Genesis and Ex Nihilo; Creating Something from Nothing; Rossi vs. Defkalion vs. Brillouine; Rossi’s Secret Catalyst; Irreproducibility of Patterson Cell; Mutability of Static Forces vs. Dynamic/Movement Forces; Engineering Perspective;  Dr. George Miley and LENR Transmutation Phenomena; Collaboration with Sidney Kimmel Group; Provisional Patent for Controlling LENR Reactions; Energy Cold Fusion and Antigravity Book; A New Age of Wonder for Humanity; Double Edged Sword of Controlling the Natural Forces

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  1. Very, Very impressive.
    This is what we have been waiting for.
    The true scientific approach.
    No hand-waving, just a pragmatic acceptance of the mysteries and, armed with a toolkit of what we do know to be true, Frank Znidarsic rolls up his sleeves and comes up with the goods.
    Now to design experiments to test the hypotheses.
    This has brightened my day. Cold Fusion And Anti-gravity.
    Projecting into the future these are Must Haves to ensure survival.
    And it not even my birthday.
    I am extremly grateful.
    Thank You Frank Znidarsic. May your line prosper and grow.

    1. Arthur,

      I’m really glad you got so much out of the interview. Frank is a very down-to-earth guy who explains concepts very clearly. I do hope some experimenters play around with some of his ideas to see what they can get. I think the BEC-LENR Theory in general (also postulated by Kim) is very provocative, even though I still think Storm’s NAE Theory and Hagelstein’s Phonon Oscillator Theory are very strong/comprehensible (Perhaps a synthesis between the three will be discovered over time). It is by no means flawless, but BEC’s have recently been produced at room temperature, and no theory is completely coherent/verified as of yet, so therefore I rank it as a legitimate contender.

      All the best.

  2. I am a raving fan of all Bold Scientific endevour John. It is my observation that there is too much vetting of thought with an eye on Funding. Too much looking over the shoulder at what the herd thinks.

    “Insanity in individuals is something rare — but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.” – Nietzsche, Friedrich – See more at:

    1. That is for sure Arthur. Although there are many poorly thought out ideas on the fringe, many of the best ideas exist there as well. If we are not willing to engage on the edge of acceptable knowledge, a paradigm shift is impossible.

  3. I have just bought the book. I do hope that I can understand it. Where is Asimov when you need him?

  4. Do you think that mass (restmass) of elementary particles comes solely through their interaction with the Higgs field?
    What do you think of the equation given on pages 3-4 in Belgian patent 1002781, text in English available on e-Cat Site “Belgian LANR Patents”. According to that equation the electric charge is a function of the product of particle radius and mass. Mass seems to be stemming from the energy locked up in the angular momentum of the particle, please check for the proton and electron. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Joannes that was a very good question. This Higgs field is a high energy phenomena. Its is on a different scale that my my work. My work is in low energy and attempts to understand the process of quantum transition. These transitions take place at room temperature.

      The concept of radius and mass is close to my work. I get a radius of 1.409 fermi’s. For the longest time I did not know what it was. It equaled 1/2 the classical radius of the electron. It was about twice the radius of the proton. I finally concluded that it was the crush radius of the electromagnetic field of an electron.

      It was used to set the wave number of the electromagnetic field and produced the particle like properties of things.

  5. Frank, Thanks for answering. If you can contact Dr.Edmund Storms ask him to submit a copy of the letter that I gave to to him through e-Cat Site Ben, especially enclosure 9 will reveal my ideas about matter and antimatter and dark energy. All the best; Jan.

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