Field work of Cesium decontamination by nano silver

On December 10, 2011, Dr. Norio Abe did a radioactive cesium decontamination experiment by the nano silver at an kindergarden in Koriyama city of Fukushima prefecture in Japan. Dr. Abe sent me the result data, then I try to make a summary of the experiment.

1. Outline of the experiment

On December 10, 2011, at an kindergarden in Koriyama city, Dr. Abe did the experiment at the same time as the water washing of the roof for decontamination.  He used the filtration device called “Lucy”, that has four stages of filtration including nano silver supported by bone charcoal and white granite.

He filtered cesium contaminated water three times by Lucy.  Each time the value of radioactivity of the filtered water was measured using a germanium detector by a professional company.

As a result, the radioactivity of the water was reduced to 1/10 as compared to the initial value.  Furthermore, he measured the radioactivity of the used filter in 8 days at Itabashi Firefly Ecosystem Center, and it was reduced to less than 50%, too.

2. Video ( in Japanese )

[the experiment in the kindergarden]

[the radiation measurement at Itabashi Firefly Ecosystem Center]

3. Experimental results

The following values indicate decontamination level of the water (Bq / L) after the three times filtering.

(Bq/L) Initial 1st time 2nd time 3rd time
Cs-134 13300 1840 1350 1340
Cs-137 18800 2490 1910 1830


After the experiment, he carried Lucy to Itabashi Firefly Ecosystem Center and measured the radioactivity of the filter.  The following values indicate the radioactivity of the bone charcoal and white granite including nano silver.




The measurement started at December 11, while the experiment was done on December 10, then the initial value of radioactivity might be higher than 0.56 μSv/H. Further, as the background radioactivity was not measured, the background value was not subtracted.

The result is very impressive because it seems to show nano silver can decontaminate the radioactivity of Cesium in a real situation.  I hope other scientists may pay attention to the experiment and will try to reproduce these results.

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Nanoscale Ag may decrease radiation of Cesium 134 and 137 through LENR transmutation? Toshiro Sengaku

4 Replies to “Field work of Cesium decontamination by nano silver”

  1. The mystery is where is the cesium going? If it is disappearing, is it really transmuting? Or is it being filtered and ending up somewhere else in the chain?

    Whatever, the practical application of removing radioactive material is much needed and a good start to clean up.

    Thanks for the data, T.

    1. I see 4 possibilities.
      First is a measurement error…. improbable
      Second as you says is enrichment of some part of the system that is ignored (the container, vapors, aerosols, dust …). most credible for mainstream
      third is neutron absorption caused by some LENR, leading to transmutation, reducing activity.
      fourth is electron capture in cesium leading to transmutation, reducing activity…

      note that iwamura is working on that hypothesis, like the former Spawar team who run a company and file a patent, like one piantelli patent…

  2. Dr. Iwasaki thinks there is unknown LENR process to transmute Cesium to other nonradioactive material. Unfortunately, Dr. Iwasaki and Dr. Abe work voluntarily and don’t have enough budget for this research, then they cannot analyze elements of the result material yet.

    Dr. Iwasaki said the size of nano silver might be critical for the phenomenon. The size of nano silver used by them is about 5 nano meter. Dr. Abe said it was provided by UFS-REFINE Inc. in Japan, which has the patent to make fine grained nano silver.
    (sorry, in Japanese)

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