David Nagel at GlobalBEM: “A new workforce will be needed for LENR”

Sorry video is now Private……….

In lieu of that, please check out David J. Nagel‘s video of his presentation at ICCF-17 here.

Credit Lenrnews.eu for finding and posting the new David J. Nagel preview video of his talk at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference entitled “A New Workforce Will Be Needed For LENR”.

NUCATDavid J. Nagel is a Research Professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and former Navy scientist who has championed low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) through both experimental research and education. He started NUCAT Energy to hold workshops for industry, academia, and agencies interested in learning about the history and science of LENR, as well as the imminent technology that is now being engineered by a handful of independent small-labs that will utilize the hydrogen in water to make ultra-clean, next-generation nuclear power.

He has been interviewed by James Martinez on Cold Fusion Radio several times. Get audio and excerpts from the most recent interview here in LENR global impact will be historic and A reasoned approach to funding.

David J. Nagel is also part of the list of professors at U.S. schools with cold fusion-friendly faculty.

Read New Energy Movement board member Jeane Manning‘s report on the conference here.

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    1. Anybody wannna call up Julia Betts and ask her about the vaiildty of her quote that our mystery author obtained? Anybody?Subject: Re: Need info please Please just one more question.Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 13:05:42 -0600From: Julia BettsTo: [Mystery Author]Per our previous statement from November, we were only in discussions with the Leonardo Corporation regarding the use of National Instruments engineering tools. Currently Leonardo Corporation/Andrea Rossi is not a customer of National Instruments.NI platforms can be used for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) applications, particularly the National Instruments Reconfigurable I/O (RIO) platform that is based on FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology for the control and monitoring needs. The FPGAs are programmable integrated circuits that offer true parallelism, high-speed analysis of data and a high level of reliability needed for control and monitoring applications. We do think the field of LENR is a very intriguing research area that has potential to impact the energy crisis that is facing the world. NI believes in providing the right tools and platforms to enable engineers and scientists to focus on innovation and solving the grand engineering challenges such as energy from fusion, cancer therapy in the field of medicine and smart grids for better urban infrastructure, to name a few. We are working with Universities and Research Centers around the world to empower researchers and scientists who are working onc2 magnetic confined fusion, inertial confined fusion and Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (some times called cold fusion )Hope this clarifies.Julia Betts Corporate Communications and Investor Relations Manager National Instruments 512-659-9643 (mobile)

  1. Where is the rest of the video?
    I went to globalbemvoices.com and faced a blankish screen. I assume that this is the proto-type webpage and things are rushing along. I must bide my time.
    I have crossposted to peakprosperity.com where Dr Chris Martenson is doing an expose on our energy crisis trap.
    The energy paradigm at the moment is all about chemical energy. And we are in a cul-de-sac.
    This LENR is a necessary but not sufficient factor for skirting the troubling conclusions of the Limits to Growth study.
    The other important considerations should be discussed on other fora but should be collated on a website dedicated to avoiding the conclusions of the Limits to Growth.
    By the Way,
    Dr David Nagel should be recognized as an International Treasure.

    1. It appears to me that your hiealdne is misleading according to your following data you have posted here. First, concerning NI Press Release: “National Instruments has contributed product solutions to some of the most advanced projects including the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) and tokomak fusion device control systems,” the release stated. “Additionally, the Leonardo Corporation has intentions to incorporate National Instruments tools in its control system. Secondly, with this communication from NI: “Stefano Concezzi, the director of National Instruments’ Science and Big Physics Segment, also revealed to Allan of PESN … that National Instruments is indeed working together with Leonardo Corporation in the development of the much awaited E-Cat,” the Web site reported. Thirdly, we also see this: Julia Betts, the corporate communications and investor relations manager for National Instruments, to inquire about its relationship with Rossi. According to e-mails the author received from Betts, National Instruments is not working with Rossi.“Leonardo Corporation/Andrea Rossi is currently not a customer, partner or distributor of National Instruments,” Betts wrote. I am confused as to who at National Instruments is telling truth here as the parties statements you have quoted contradict themselves?

  2. Love to see developments in the nascent industry of “cold fusion.” It took many decades for land line telephone service to spread in the early 1900’s, and bureaucratic organization prevailed. On the other hand, the mobile phones first appeared in the 1990s, and spread viral using a less centralized network organizational approach. Predictably, the same trend toward less bureaucratic/more viral will be seen in the spread of LENR technology. We are seeing the small team competitive model of technological development to be superior to the large team big-business model which tends to be bureaucratic. The X Prize model of offering rewards for technological achievement has gotten great results for much less money by rewarding team competition in reaching a goal ( http://www.xprize.org/ ).

    My only observation is that “a new workforce will be needed” sounds like a big-team moocher model, rather than a small-team builder one. Ultimately, I want a LENR generator in my basement that I forget about, rather than a LENR bureaucracy that I rely upon.

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