Daejeon lectures, II

Did you ever wonder if Cold Fusion were real?

Just between you and me, of cause.

Well this might add some balance to your view.

Tyler has created an honest to goodness Engineer’s perspective of the veracity of Lattice assisted Nuclear Reactions which he shared with us at Daejeon.

It might take your mind off the howling wind outside. Our thoughts are with you. Let us hope that you are warm and comfortable.

Here is the link.


4 Replies to “Daejeon lectures, II”

  1. Thanks for posting Tyler’s work, quite impressive. The race to engineered cold fusion LENR power is on. My guess is that there will be a whole lotta’ winners… in the long run… everyone.

  2. It had better work Greg. Or there will be an awful lot of losers. The stakes are very high. Did I say that before?
    If sanity were to prevail, then the entire weight of the Pentagon would be thrown behind the effort.
    I cannot see a greater threat to National Security that for civilization to run into a brick wall of energy deficiency.
    Are you listening, you braided Generals?

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