Citizen’s Petition calls for open support of cold fusion technology

Kelley T of Sierra Vista, AZ is the creator of the petition asking President Obama to “investigate the usefulness of the Energy Catalyzer, a creation of the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and he needs your help in gathering signatures to move the request forward to the President.


Can you take a moment and sign the petition to publicly put this issue in front of President Obama? You must register with using an email address to sign the petition, and the effort needs over 24,000 signatures to make it through.

Having just sent a batch of letters to the Congressional House and Senate Sub-committees on Energy, this effort towards the Whitehouse completes the triptych.

Sign the petition to the Whitehouse here.

Thanks Kelley, and thanks to all who took the time to lend their name to this Action for a clean energy future.

*******Kelley T has subsequently joined with Cold Fusion Now as zed short.

The Believer by zed short

Waiting for the E-Cat: A Comedy in Two Acts by zed short

Cold Fusion Now!

17 Replies to “Citizen’s Petition calls for open support of cold fusion technology”

    1. I signed using american zip code as I was unsure if Canadians could vote, but I’m sure this issue affects the world so I feel no guilt. I used the zip code I knew well 90210..

    1. From the FAQ:

      “Anyone 13 or older can create or sign a petition on In order to participate in the We the People platform on, users must create a account and verify their email address. ”

      Line up World Citizens!

  1. What a useless piece of crap the “Create a Account” dialogue box is. It displays fields for your First Name, Last Name, E-mail addres, and ZIP Code, then presents you with your City and State (based on your ZIP Code), then has an option to get email updates from President O, then it has two words you have to type in so it knows your sentient (a real person). But it doesn’t give you enough room at the bottom to click on any button to finish creating the account (it only displays half the field that proves your sentient and I figure the Enter button is below that and regardless of how I expand or contract my window, the dialogue box slips to the bottom–too far to the bottom). So you’re out of luck if you want to sign any petition since there’s no way to create an account.

    I’m afraid this is pretty typical of how our government works–very half baked! So if you’re hoping to get a bunch of people to sign this petition, it won’t happen until the gubmint gets their act together. Maybe you know somebody there that can fix this problem?

    1. Gee, that’s weird. I was able to create an account, as were others. Do you have your browser set with large font that maybe it didn’t show up on the page? I can’t tell what happened here, but I’m bummed out you weren’t able to register.

      Your vote counts with us though!
      Thanks for trying.

  2. I signed using american zip code as I was unsure if Canadians could vote, but I’m sure this issue affects the world so I feel no guilt. A television show had the same name as the zip code I used, and it looks like I’m from beverly hills..

  3. If the 15% growth in petition signers from yesterday (117) to today (over 134), the petition will garner more than the requisite number of votes!! BUT TO SUSTAIN THIS GROWTH RATE, everybody who signs will have to advertise to get their friends to sign, too. I put notices in both my facebook and twitter accounts.

    Will you help get this potentially life-saving invention on the President’s desk? We can do it!

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