Kids come out for cold fusion

Thursday December 2, James Martinez will host a young man on the Ca$h Flow show who will be talking about his recently kindled interest in cold fusion!

Listen LIVE online at the Achieve Radio Cash-flow site and you can call-in or flash-message your questions and comments.

To listen later, go to the Ca$h Flow archives or download the .mp3 from our Cold Fusion Radio page.

We love to hear from kids down with cold fusion, and fully support their efforts. Show your love and tune in Thursday for this wonderful conversation with a next generation new energy scientist!

Jan Marwan to appear on James Martinez’ Ca$h Flow Thursday Nov 4

Dr. Jan Marwan, editor of the recently canceled American Institute of Physics peer-reviewed proceedings of the March 2010 American Chemical Society National Meeting’s New Energy Technology Symposium, will be a guest on James Martinez‘ Ca$h Flow show Thursday, November 4 continuing the Cold Fusion Radio series.

You can call-in live, or Flash message your comments during the show. Go to Cash-flow on Achieve Radio.

He will talk about why the AIP refused to publish Low-energy nuclear reactions: the information fundamental source [press release], a compilation of the current research presented at the most recent ACS meeting of the Environmental Division, at a time when we desperately need alternatives to dirty fossil fuels and dangerous fission reactors.

Mr. Marwan is the LENR researcher behind Marwan Chemie, a company he founded to research and develop green energy solutions and the next-generation of clean nuclear power.

He is also the editor, along with Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times, of the ACS/Oxford University Press Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and New Energy Technologies Sourcebook Volume 2.

You can watch the American Chemical Society news conference featuring Dr. Jan Marwan as well as other new energy scientists at the ACS meeting last year 2009 here.

The interview date will be posted when details are released.
UPDATE: Dr. Jan Marwan will be interviewed on Ca$h Flow this Thursday, November 4. . You can call-in live, or Flash message your comments during the show. Go to Cash-flow on Achieve Radio.

For Real?

Oil and gas company Petrostar hires cold fusion researcher to “work together”!
If true, let’s hope a trend develops.
Petrostar Retains Consulting Engineer — July 12, 2010, Victoria, BC

From the article:
“Petrostar Petroleum Corp. (TSX-Venture: PEP, Frankfurt: LMQ; “Petrostar” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the return of Mr. J.A. (Sandy) Sprinkle, P. Eng., Ba. Ed. ……”

“…….Sandy has over 30 years experience in the oil & gas industry, some of which was spent teaching Petroleum Engineering Technologies at NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). He has worked with some of Canada`s leading oil & gas producers, and many of his implemented strategies are still in use today. Over the past few years, Sandy has been conducting his own personal research from his lab in Lloydminster. One of his projects is his ongoing research into Cold Fusion in which Petrostar and Mr. Sprinkle will now work together on.

They have a contact for further information:
President/CEO Bruce Scafe at 1-877-737-8864.

Also, this claim:
Diamond Bullet Fired at 1000 Km/S Could Produce Nuclear Fusion, Chinese Researchers Say