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James Martinez continues his new energy series on Cash-flow at Achieve Radio with special guest John Hutchison next Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 12PM Noon PST (20:00 UTC).

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New energy is a term loosely used to describe a diverse set of experimental methods testing the generation of energy, methods from gas-diffusion cold fusion to superconducting anti-gravity generators, and one comes across a wide variety of individuals, iconoclast minds compelled to push the boundaries of what is commonly accepted as scientific truth.

John Hutchison appears in the chip body as an extreme-indy scientist, as well as a shaman channeling Tesla. His focus is “anti-gravitational research, time distortion, and power sources”.

He has developed for commercial use, an energy source made from — rocks! Somehow, he treats the crushed rocks and creates the Casimir effect, deriving zero point energy. Hmm….

What is zero point energy? Pure Energy Systems Wiki answers:

In physics, the zero point energy is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system may possess; it is the energy of the ground state of the system. The term “zero point” refers to the observed fact that vacuum fluctuations persist at zero degrees Kelvin.

Mr. Hutchison has released some fascinating video of an experiment that targeted electromagnetic radiation at various objects, including a 70 pound bowling ball, using a Tesla coil and a Van der Graff generator. The objects appear to move upwards, effectively responding to anti-gravity.

CORRECTION: This is a pirate site: and you can find that video here on the video page.

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Here’s a bit from the Tech TV profile:

Word has it that Mr. Hutchison has been helping out in the Gulf. I’m as excited to hear about his impressions from that region as well as anti-gravity.

See what’s going down at Project Gulf Impact.

UPDATE: Hutchison clean-up works:

Status of Cold Fusion 2010

Scientists have been researching low-energy nuclear reactions for the past 22 years, and what is now known as a powerful new energy source created in the nano-scale space between the atoms of a metal.

Using less than a gram of palladium, and a type of hydrogen found in sea-water called deuterium, hundreds of megajoules of energy can be created, all in a soda-can sized Pyrex glass, sitting on a table-top.

A nuclear-fusion sized power, using a fuel that will last millions of years, with no damage to the oceans, no CO2 emissions, and no radio-active waste.

A scalable, decentralized energy source to empower local communities and create a peaceful Earth.

You’d think a discovery of such magnitude would be the sole focus of society’s efforts, and we would be teaching high-school shop students how to build and maintain cells, but for two decades a near black-out of information about this incredible discovery has contained public knowledge of this science.

Fortunately, it’s not been extinguished.

In fact, despite lack of funding, cold fusion researchers have made great advances in understanding the conditions under which the cold fusion energy effect takes place, and they are getting closer to understanding the quantum physics driving this effect.

A thirty+ year veteran of Los Alamos National Labs, radio-chemist and nuclear scientist Dr. Edmund Storms, now running his own Kiva Labs, has researched this energy effect for the past two decades. He is also a scientist who communicates his research to the public as well as his peers, preparing a summary of current research in both book and article form, as well as video and a slide-show of his recent lectures.

If you are new to this science, and just learning about cold fusion, this is a great place to begin.

A set of powerpoint slides from Dr. Storms’ recent lectures compares hot fusion and cold fusion, and ends with an inventory of services and disservices of a cold fusion energy source for our planet. Click the link to open the lecture slides here: Status of Cold Fusion 2010. Don’t have Powerpoint? Try this Flash version linked here: Status of Cold Fusion 2010 Flash/html version.

For a comprehensive summary of the field, with just enough background, is Dr. Storms’ book The Science of Low-Temperature Nuclear Reactions: A Comprehensive Compilation of Evidence and Explanations about Cold Fusion .
The Science of Low-Temperature Nuclear Reactions

This is a technical book, with charts, graphs, and data, meant for the reader familiar with the vocabulary of nuclear physics, though there are some chapters easily accessible to the student.

A 2010 Status of Cold Fusion article published in Naturwissenschafften 97(10): p. 861-881 is his general survey of advances since.[1] (see below). Though a technical article meant for scientists, the first part is easily read by the informed reader.

And if you like audio and video, Kiva Labs’ You-tube channel has a 7-part series of videos Low-energy nuclear reactions featuring Dr. Edmund Storms explaining what is known about cold fusion with accompanying diagrams. Here’s Part I.

This selection of media gives the student of cold fusion a fair view of the current status of cold fusion science from a long-time researcher. The science isn’t yet engineering a working device for public use, but the advances made so far cannot be denied.

As this research continues, we move towards a clean and plentiful source of energy that would allow the people of Earth another chance for a positive future.

[1] There is a preprint of the Naturwissenschafften available at the LENR archive

BBC archive footage profiles sono-luminescence

Researchers have developed various designs to induce “cold fusion” since the original Pons and Fleischmann electrolytic cell, so that now, cold fusion is an umbrella term to describe many different forms of creating non-conventional fusion energy.

This video is a brief history of cold fusion along with a profile of sono-luminescence where sound passes through a jar of liquid, creating a bubble that flashes with energy.

I’ll take one!

This video from the BBC in 2005 claims the US government “started pouring money into research to investigate whether sono-luminescence could finally be the shortcut to nuclear fusion that scientists had been dreaming of…”. Did they? Hmm….

Today, any one of many new energy technologies could create the power for Earth’s future and that’s what the new energy movement is about: looking beyond the renewables to the quantum world of light, atoms, fractals, and superwaves. Space itself holds energy, we have only to learn to tap it.

A transcript and summary of this piece is on the BBC Horizon show site.

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Here’s the first two of five parts.

For part 3, 4, and 5, follow this link.

Dear Mr. President,

Call the Whitehouse Comment Line 1-202-456-1111.
Tell President Obama that there is another path to a clean energy future.
Fund LENR research.

Create jobs for young scientists.
Jumpstart a new energy economy.
Create a whole new industry based on clean technology.
Fund LENR research and cold fusion now for a smooth transition to a new kind of world.

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