Appeal to Putin on cold fusion countered with ‘nothing new’

A message from Dr. Edward Tsyganov:

Dear colleagues!

In early February 2014, I sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation on the so-called “cold fusion.” The realization that, in this case, we have encountered a completely new and epoch-making event in nuclear physics prompted me to do so. Cold fusion is an unusual phenomenon, which does not contradict any of the fundamental laws of nature, which inevitably will change the entire course of human history in the near future. The transition from oil and gas to safe, cold nuclear fusion energy with its truly inexhaustible opportunities will give to the hands of mankind a fantastic jump in energy, by seven orders of magnitude. We must be ready for the radical transformation of our entire way of life and try to avoid undesirable social turbulences associated with this transition.

The phenomenon of cold fusion was discovered by chemists Fleischmann and Pons about 25 years ago. It happened quite by accident. Currently, this phenomenon is reliably confirmed by experimentation, but each group of researchers interprets the nature of it in their own way. Cold fusion is at the junction of atomic and nuclear physics, elementary particle physics, chemistry, catalysis, and solid state physics. Quantum mechanics, quantum electrodynamics, and the Standard Model of elementary particles and their interactions are the necessary components for this symbiosis of natural sciences. A specialization in science has currently gone so far, and quite a few scientists hold the required multidisciplinary scientific apparatus. It turns out that in such a well-studied area as modern nuclear physics, there are still areas that do not fit into traditional recipes and phenomenological rules. I am lucky that in the course of my academic career I have gained some experience in virtually all of these divergent fields.

Ministry-Science-Education-Russian-FederationMy appeal to the President of the Russian Federation on cold fusion was sent for review to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, who forwarded it for response to the Scientific Research Center “Kurchatov Institute.” My appeal to the President of the Russian Federation was also transmitted to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In the attached web page

contains the information I gathered on the problems of cold fusion, under the Russia section, where I present copies of the documents that I have received from the reception of the President of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, and the Kurchatov Institute in Section Blog R.

Kurchatov Institute
Kurchatov Institute
My answer to the review of Dr. Yu.V. Martynenko of the Kurchatov Institute is also provided, where I point out of the weaknesses of his negative conclusion.

I look forward to the continuation of this scientific debate with supporters of traditional thermonuclear fusion. I still know nothing about my appeal that was sent for the review to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

It is interesting that in the Communications of International Thermonuclear ITER Project a reference to the memories of current Dean of the University of Utah Prof. David Kieda appears recently about those times when Fleischmann and Pons have claimed the discovery of cold fusion. ”I believe they really wanted it to be true. It would have been fantastic if it was. But the universe is what it is. You have to bend to the rules of the universe. And just because you want something to happen doesn’t mean it’s going to happen”. The reference to these memories and on the authority of Prof. D. Kieda, it seems to me, is designed to strengthen the weakening determination of the ITER physicists that they have selected the correct directions. Interesting details about the memories of Prof. D. Kieda are here:

We have a long way to go in the near future.

Truly yours,

E.N. Tsyganov

Cold Fusion Now here reproduces a google translate of the Ministry’s response to the appeal:

Response from Kurchatov Institute google translate:
( Ministry of Education RUSSIA )
Department of Science and Technology
Tverskaya st. , 11, Moscow, 125993
Tel. (495) 629-03-64 . Fax (495) 629-50-75
E – TAP : < 114 ( a) EN TSYGANOVA Dear Edward N. The Department of Science and Technology considered your appeal, received from the Office of President of the Russian Federation to work with appeals of citizens and organizations to the Russian Ministry of Education on the so-called cold fusion, and reports. From the response of the National Research Center "Kurchatov Institute " (hereinafter - the NRC "Kurchatov Institute") at the request of the Russian Ministry that your message does not contain any new information, in addition to published in the press ( Nuclear Physics ) and accessible the scientific community. Department directs you to review the scientific work on "Cold nuclear synthesis". Appendix: 1 l . Deputy Director of the AM Poles VG Drozhenko 8 (495) Read Tsyganov's letter to the Kurchatov Institute here.

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  1. Please take notice of no longer in force Belgian patents mentioned in the article “Cold Fusion Catalyst” on the e-Cat Site. Also interesting are Belgian patents BE895572 and BE904719 relating to vortex fusion.The e quation for the proton restmass on pages 3 and 4 of Belgian patent BE1002781 proves that the product of restmass and spin radius is constant (invariant) as electric charge is invariant. Said product allows “Zitterbewegung” basis for gravity waves of fermiparticles. See comments in the blog “How the Higgs gives mass to the universe (Ethan Siegel site).

  2. It’s called “Funding Bias”
    Russia is highly dependent on sales of FF fossil fuels. For them(and FF owners in general), Truth is distorted by the necessity of revenues from fossil fuel sales. LENR which will destroy much FF sales and value cannot and will not be encouraged, invested in, promoted, researched, supported or recognized until the very last snowball in hell has melted due to global warming.

    Pretending it’s “Science” rather than “Funding Bias” is like pretending “Alice in Wonderland” was a children’s story.

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