Alights Upon – Cold Fusion Research and LENR Energy – SPAWAR


The nest instinct through

True imaginings delight

Leads to what’s right


Color the lining new

Tufts soft and light

Bits shiny bright


Into completion it grew

Winged creatures alight

Home for the night


1. To come down and settle, as after flight.

2. To come by chance: alight on a happy solution.

3. To dismount from a horse or vehicle.

Word Origin & History


“On Fire” Early 15c., apparently from M.E. aliht , pp. of alihton O.E. on-lihtan

“To Light Up” also “To Shine Upon”

From Old English

ālīhtan : ā- , intensive pref. + līhtan , to relieve of a burden, from līht , light

“To relieve an animal mount of weight” or to “Relieve a burden from another”

Hey O.G.

Yes yo!

Yo! Yo! Yo!

Yes You! We really do mean each of you!

To those Old Guys and Gals who earned the right to be called Early Cold Fusioneers.

We Honor the Elders of Cold Fusion Research with this oft repeated bit of prose.

Not so far in the near distant future the next generation will look back on our generation as the last of the Fire Era and know in fact that Energy Shortage was a term for unenlightened minds.

Thank you for bringing us the 18th International Conference of Cold Fusion Research.

As pointed out at the conference.

You have all now turned eighteen and the field is stepping into it’s power.

Thanks Pamela Bose!

Your award was aptly awarded and you are absolutely correct.

Quote Pamela: “We need to work together.”

Pamela, We hope you get to publish all of your research soon.

Then we can finally and truthfully begin to “work together”.

We hear you Pamela… Truly We do.

It must be really hard to still function while you are sequestered.

You and your wonderful works deserve a big round of applause.

We hope your colleagues will allow you to publish the really juicy stuff soon.

Ask them if you can and let us know what they say.

Encourage them to be truthful

Then you will surely earn

All the childrens’ respect

David Kidwell,

Pamela might talk to you about the transmutation of elements through the application of different forms of LENR Energy. Study up on the value of controlled neutron and proton (X-Ray) creation. This is the key to fine tuning the elimination of different types of radioactive elements. Remember that the really slow (or sometimes fast) moving LENR subatomic particles are very effective on the nano scale yet are often very difficult to detect from a distance outside the cold fusion low energy nuclear reactive environment. The neutron and proton emissions can be tailored for specific effects by control of frequency pulses within the lattice.

Look closely David

  • The actual transmutation of many different elements has been observed at a U.S. National Research Laboratory

  • SPAWAR A United States of America National Research Laboratory

  • David. Wait a minute.  

  • Yes we know and understand what you’re saying.

  • Yes indeed.

  • Few people get to know what’s actually going on in there.

  • While everyone can easily see what Quantum Rabbit Labs is all about.

  • Do to their work and the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project and other efforts.

  • New young researchers are entering the field of LENR Energy.

SPAWAR – DOE and the DOD

You are stifling this important science and young U.S. researchers interest in it.

It’s time to release your LENR Energy Transmutation of Nuclear Waste Research to the international scientific community at large.

It’s now time to get everyone on board and up to date.

Hey DoD and DoE. It’s time to stop spoon feeding us. We can feed ourselves.

You have the Rossi device and the GeNie in your hands. It’s now time to share.

Or suffer from totally unnecessary humiliation and disgrace.

Meaning your children will have less reasons to like you.

Remember we love you and understand. It’s stupid to lose love and respect.

Seek and give fellowship, appreciation, and love within your community.

Love and Honesty are always healthier than Hate and Fear.

Controlling Strength pales in comparison to Trust and Love.

Believe in the Peoples of the Earth.

Cold Fusion Now!

Navy LENR SPAWAR Series Transmute Radioactive Waste