A letter to local legislators

I wrote this to the mayor of Seattle, the nearest large city. I will also send a suitably-modified version to the mayor of Bellevue. Perhaps I will do more, such as attend a Bellevue city council meeting and try to work out a way to stimulate local political discussion, or at least awareness, of the matter. —George Henry

Mayor McGinn,

Seattle has taken the lead in divesting from fossil fuels, which is aligned with our need as a nation to replace our dependence on dirty energy with the cultivation of clean energy alternatives. I think Seattle’s initiative is very laudable and thank you again for being a visionary leader in this area.

Within the past week, articles have appeared in Forbes magazine and elsewhere affirming that Italian inventor Andrea Rossi‘s E-Cat “cold fusion” power generator actually works substantially as claimed, producing “anomalous” amounts of heat / power that cannot be explained via conventional chemical reactions. The importance of this corroboration can hardly be overestimated. One knowledgeable commentator dubs this method of generating energy “the most important invention since fire” and states that because of it the world economic playing field has been radically reconfigured and that positive change will rapidly accelerate, now that the viability of Rossi’s invention has been soundly confirmed via independent study.

It’s worthy of note that Rossi is only perhaps the most advanced of many inventors and scientists working with this technology. Although national governments continue to invest wastefully in technologies that don’t work and may never work, and/or are more expensive and ultimately less practical, research in low-energy and chemically-assisted nuclear reactions (LENR/CANR) continues due to the passionate interest of scientists and their supporters, individuals and small groups, who are determined to find a clean, dependable and cheap way to fulfill humanity’s energy needs. Over the past 20+ years, hundreds if not thousands of experiments have conclusively proven that the technology works. This energy revolution therefore will definitely happen; the only question is when, and the validation of Rossi’s work seems to indicate that it will happen sooner than many may have imagined – indeed it is already happening.

Although it will require a significant investment of your personal time, I strongly recommend that you listen to the audio at http://11radio.com/wp-content/uploads/CFnowDotOrg-5-22-2013.mp3 and read the free ebook available at http://lenr-canr.org/acrobat/RothwellJcoldfusiona.pdf (or at least the chapters of the latter that you deem most relevant), as well as do any further research on this topic that you feel inclined to indulge in. The information is interesting in an abstract sense, but more importantly it will help you and anyone else who accesses and understands it to be “ahead of the curve” in education and, as a result, ready to participate most beneficially in the energy revolution that is now upon us.

Please consider the economic benefits that our community as a whole will reap from early and enthusiastic adoption of this technology. Ultimately, the fossil fuel industry will have to reinvent itself and get on the bandwagon by investing in and supporting this technology, or that industry will simply fade away. Suppressing the technology via anything short of a worldwide Fascist dictatorship will not succeed. It seems a fair assessment that all industries, as well as private persons, who are primarily consumers rather than producers of energy will benefit immeasurably. Of even greater ad global importance, this technology fulfills the promise of abundant, clean and inexpensive energy – something that our civilization desperately needs if we are to survive and thrive on a planet that can continue indefinitely to support us.

Thank you for considering my rather lengthy missive.

Warm regards,
George Henry
Bellevue, WA

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  1. Ruby, do you not think that if Science stood up and announced the proven Cold Fusion then the Media and politicians would be forced to act.
    It is not politicians and the Media who are at fault, that fault lay’s squarely with the priests of science and their corrupt, incompetent, biased refusal to do their jobs.

    1. Politicians will be “forced” to act at some point, but I fear it will be legislation that slows the dissemination of this technology through restrictions and regulations.

      That’s why we need to inform the citizenry and gather public support, to demand access ASAP.

  2. I wasn’t going to mention hot fusion but if Physics Today and Scientific American feel the need to besmirch LEAR perhaps it’s fair to point out the following to your representatives. The original promise of hot fusion was to obtain DEUTERIUM-DEUTERIUM fusion and they failed at that and had to switch over to the easier DUTERIUM-TRITIUM reaction. So the limiting factor is not all the deuterium in the world’s oceans as originally promised. The limiting factor is LITHIUM from which the tritium is made and if their contraption works, they expect to get a COP of only about 1.1!!!
    So, LENR has done what hot fusion promised and failed to do and with no government funding. They did one better. They use ordinary hydrogen INSTEAD of deuterium and get large COPs. So, LENR delivered the goods with no excuses.

    1. It just shows how this is no longer a scientific argument; it’s purely political. COP 1.1 and a boatload of tritium is worse than nothing.

      1. Better yet. Just thank them for letting China take the lead. Apparently Tsinghua University is a better school than MIT.

    2. Typo: It should read LENR not LEAR. Better correct that now because I’m sure the academicians are stuck on the typo (academician hypnotism) like a chicken on a chalk line and haven’t read the rest of the sentence.

      How to hypnotize a chicken with a line of chalk: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=763_1309885442 Chicken hypnotism:

      How to hypnotize an academician with a line of datum (see 0:29:14 mark):

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