e-cat Australia launches website

A new distributor of the Ecat steam generator has launched a website.


The tagline of the home page says Tomorrows Energy, Today, and while the 1 MW units may be ordered from the website now, Roger Green, listed as CEO and Managing Director of E-Cat Australia PTY LTD, is taking orders for 10 kilowatt domestic units for delivery in 2013.

Roger Green is associated with EcoGlobalFuels.com, Sacred Geometry Academy and other alternative practice groups. Cold Fusion Now has asked Andrea Rossi, inventor of the E-Cat, to verify the official status of the company, and he confirmed that he is indeed officially sanctioned.

Roger Green with Andrea Rossi

We also contacted Mr. Green who informed us he is the “Exclusive Distributor License for E-Cat Technology in Australia * New Zealand * Indonesia * Singapore * Malaysia * Thailand * Vietnam * Philippines * Cambodia * Brunei * Laos * Myanmar (Burma) * Pacific Islands.”

Rossi has previously stated that all official licensees will be publicly named in October of 2012 and will attend “a convention”.

The Ecat is the first commercial product to be sold based on nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions (Ni-H), another name for cold fusion. 1 MW steam generators are now offered to industry and agencies, and Rossi has reportedly sold around a dozen of them since last summer, though it is not known if they have been delivered yet. The 10 kilowatt domestic unit is waiting for Underwriters Laboratory certification before manufacturing and distribution begins.

e-cat Australia has a glossy, corporate-style brochure [.pdf]
and a paper titled Benchmarks and Timeline for E-Cat Australia R and D [.pdf]

Here is a comparison chart from the brochure showing the value to young families and eco-conscious people:

Comparison chart from the E-Cat brochure of new distributor E-Cat Australia.

From a story Dick Smith slams door on cold fusion invention on Reason Australia a few months back, we have:
This month, Mr Millin threatened to sue Mr Smith for $200,000 after Mr Smith refused to make any payment because he did not believe the claims were correct.

Yesterday, Mr Millin wrote to Mr Smith claiming he had another investor called “Roger Green” who was eager to invest $150,000 in the technology.

In the letter, Mr Millin claimed he had turned down “Mr Green” because “he was being too greedy” and urged Mr Smith to invest in the technology because “we really don’t have much time”.” –[source]

This set of presentation slides by Roger Green borrows from e-cat.com, Mr. Rossi’s northern European distributor, and shows an effort by Green to educate and drum up support for this technology. [.pdf]

I guess he found that investment!

It will be an exciting year indeed; with the cold fusion economy is just coming into view.

Note: This is not a recommendation to buy from any particular company. This article is for information purposes only.

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At first a musician and performance artist, one day she waltzed into Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and got a physics degree. Thinking that math might be easier, she then earned a Masters degree in Math at University of Miami in Miami, Florida. Math turned out to be not much easier, so now, she advocates for cold fusion, the easiest thing in the world. She has made several short documentary films and speaks on the topic. She currently teaches math at College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California and conducts outreach events for the public to support clean energy from cold fusion.

14 thoughts on “e-cat Australia launches website”

  1. Ruby Carat says:

    Hmm…. I am getting from Mr. Rossi,

    Yes, they are.
    Warm regards,

    Also a confirmation from Mr. Green re-iterating Mr. Rossi’s statement that yes, these guys are the distributor for the area.

  2. Visionary says:

    E-Cat Australia | Facebook

    Basic Info
    Joined Facebook 07/10/2012 [i.e. six days ago]
    Products E-Cat Industrial Unit (AVAILABLE NOW)
    E-Cat Domestic Unit (TO BE RELEASED in 2013)
    Contact Info
    Email info@e-cataustralia.com
    Website http://www.e-cataustralia.com

  3. [6:44:42 AM]

  4. Visionary says:
    failed attempt to plug the crack
    before the cooling tower explodes

  5. Visionary says:

    Supporting Evidence [.pdf] for LENR

    Meeting and Demo E-Cat Technology with Andrea Rossi,
    Bologna, 24th Feb 2012

  6. GreenWin says:

    I shall offer my sincerest congratulations to Roger Green and this bold, world-leading effort! Roger, you, Ing. Rossi, and the growing tribe of cold fusion supporters ARE making the world a better place. Thank you sir. And thank you to all those who lend their conscious support to this evolutionary effort on planet Earth!

  7. Visionary says:

    E-Cat pitching cold fusion to Australians
    Pre-order Website open
    By Richard Chirgwin
    Posted in Science, 16th July 2012 21:17 GMT

  8. Visionary says:

    E-Cat 1MW Industrial Unit (photos at Bologna, Italy, February 2012)

    E-Cat 1MW Industrial Unit

    Note additional small active units (more than doubling the count
    from 52 to 106) mounted on the top of the shipping container.

  9. Visionary says:

    Aardvark Daily

    At last, cold fusion
    18 July 2012

    ” Now imagine if you put one of these in your car and used the energy generated to split water into a mythical gas such as HHO. You could then pass that HHO through a powerful magnet (so as to align its molecules), waft it through a mesh made of tin to increase its reactiveness and then over a turbulator in the intake of your car’s engine.

    The only downside to all this super snake-oil technology would be that you’d have to pull over ever 100kms or so because the petrol tank would be overflowing and need draining — right? “

    1. Visionary says:

      E-Cat Australia Issues First Advertisement
      July 20, 2012

      Tony McDougall (E-Cat Asia) on July 20, 2012 at 12:37 pm

      Are RossI & Focardi Conteners for 2012 Nobel Prize?

      Do you think Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi are
      contenders for the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics?

      “In Australia we have a (government run) consumer protection agency, called the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC), who may want to know who this guy “Tim” is.

      If I was “Tim”, and had an E-Cat powering my home and business, I would be me more than enthusiastic about doing a testimonial for E-Cat Australia. But, sadly, I am not “Tim” and, consequently, I wait for my E-Cat like the thousands of other punters who registered at ecat.com.”

  10. Visionary says:

    E-Cat Australia
    Resources: Supporting Evidence for LENR
    Test of Energy Catalyzer [.pdf]
    Bologna, October 6, 2011
    Report by Mats Lewan

    E-Cat Casing Opened

    The E-Cat casing opened, showing the heat exchanger supposedly containing a shielded flat reactor body consisting of three reactor chambers.

  11. tom says:

    it is funny that everybody is talking about the thing that nobody has even seen.
    The demonstration presented by Mr Rossi has never been verified by the independent experts. The university o f Bolognia stopped their so called cooperation with Rossi.
    It all smells like a scam.

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