e-cat Australia launches website

A new distributor of the Ecat steam generator has launched a website.


The tagline of the home page says Tomorrows Energy, Today, and while the 1 MW units may be ordered from the website now, Roger Green, listed as CEO and Managing Director of E-Cat Australia PTY LTD, is taking orders for 10 kilowatt domestic units for delivery in 2013.

Roger Green is associated with EcoGlobalFuels.com, Sacred Geometry Academy and other alternative practice groups. Cold Fusion Now has asked Andrea Rossi, inventor of the E-Cat, to verify the official status of the company, and he confirmed that he is indeed officially sanctioned.

Roger Green with Andrea Rossi

We also contacted Mr. Green who informed us he is the “Exclusive Distributor License for E-Cat Technology in Australia * New Zealand * Indonesia * Singapore * Malaysia * Thailand * Vietnam * Philippines * Cambodia * Brunei * Laos * Myanmar (Burma) * Pacific Islands.”

Rossi has previously stated that all official licensees will be publicly named in October of 2012 and will attend “a convention”.

The Ecat is the first commercial product to be sold based on nickel-hydrogen exothermic reactions (Ni-H), another name for cold fusion. 1 MW steam generators are now offered to industry and agencies, and Rossi has reportedly sold around a dozen of them since last summer, though it is not known if they have been delivered yet. The 10 kilowatt domestic unit is waiting for Underwriters Laboratory certification before manufacturing and distribution begins.

e-cat Australia has a glossy, corporate-style brochure [.pdf]
and a paper titled Benchmarks and Timeline for E-Cat Australia R and D [.pdf]

Here is a comparison chart from the brochure showing the value to young families and eco-conscious people:

Comparison chart from the E-Cat brochure of new distributor E-Cat Australia.

From a story Dick Smith slams door on cold fusion invention on Reason Australia a few months back, we have:
This month, Mr Millin threatened to sue Mr Smith for $200,000 after Mr Smith refused to make any payment because he did not believe the claims were correct.

Yesterday, Mr Millin wrote to Mr Smith claiming he had another investor called “Roger Green” who was eager to invest $150,000 in the technology.

In the letter, Mr Millin claimed he had turned down “Mr Green” because “he was being too greedy” and urged Mr Smith to invest in the technology because “we really don’t have much time”.” –[source]

This set of presentation slides by Roger Green borrows from e-cat.com, Mr. Rossi’s northern European distributor, and shows an effort by Green to educate and drum up support for this technology. [.pdf]

I guess he found that investment!

It will be an exciting year indeed; with the cold fusion economy is just coming into view.

Note: This is not a recommendation to buy from any particular company. This article is for information purposes only.

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