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In lieu of that, please check out David J. Nagel‘s video of his presentation at ICCF-17 here.

Credit for finding and posting the new David J. Nagel preview video of his talk at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference entitled “A New Workforce Will Be Needed For LENR”.

NUCATDavid J. Nagel is a Research Professor at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and former Navy scientist who has championed low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) through both experimental research and education. He started NUCAT Energy to hold workshops for industry, academia, and agencies interested in learning about the history and science of LENR, as well as the imminent technology that is now being engineered by a handful of independent small-labs that will utilize the hydrogen in water to make ultra-clean, next-generation nuclear power.

He has been interviewed by James Martinez on Cold Fusion Radio several times. Get audio and excerpts from the most recent interview here in LENR global impact will be historic and A reasoned approach to funding.

David J. Nagel is also part of the list of professors at U.S. schools with cold fusion-friendly faculty.

Read New Energy Movement board member Jeane Manning‘s report on the conference here. Homepage

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