Jan Marwan to appear on James Martinez’ Ca$h Flow Thursday Nov 4

Dr. Jan Marwan, editor of the recently canceled American Institute of Physics peer-reviewed proceedings of the March 2010 American Chemical Society National Meeting’s New Energy Technology Symposium, will be a guest on James Martinez‘ Ca$h Flow show Thursday, November 4 continuing the Cold Fusion Radio series.

You can call-in live, or Flash message your comments during the show. Go to Cash-flow on Achieve Radio.

He will talk about why the AIP refused to publish Low-energy nuclear reactions: the information fundamental source [press release], a compilation of the current research presented at the most recent ACS meeting of the Environmental Division, at a time when we desperately need alternatives to dirty fossil fuels and dangerous fission reactors.

Mr. Marwan is the LENR researcher behind Marwan Chemie, a company he founded to research and develop green energy solutions and the next-generation of clean nuclear power.

He is also the editor, along with Steven Krivit of the New Energy Times, of the ACS/Oxford University Press Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions and New Energy Technologies Sourcebook Volume 2.

You can watch the American Chemical Society news conference featuring Dr. Jan Marwan as well as other new energy scientists at the ACS meeting last year 2009 here.

The interview date will be posted when details are released.
UPDATE: Dr. Jan Marwan will be interviewed on Ca$h Flow this Thursday, November 4. . You can call-in live, or Flash message your comments during the show. Go to Cash-flow on Achieve Radio.

Planet Forward needs cold fusion

Cold Fusion Now
posted the What is Cold Fusion? essay and the CBS 60 minutes Part I video link on Planet Forward.

We answered the question on RESEARCH: http://planetforward.org/question/what-theory-behavior-or-norm-are-you-or-your-team-researching-that-will-lead-to-an-improvement-in-how-we-generate-or-use-energy/

From their About page:

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Planet Forward is where experts and engaged citizens weigh in on energy, climate and sustainability. We’re looking for your innovative ideas, informed opinion and first-hand experience. We take the best ideas and feature them online and on TV.
Planet Forward is a project of the Center for Innovative Media at The George Washington University.

Planet Forward is partnered with the PBS Nightly Business Report where they have a regular segment profiling innovative science and technology.

From the How It Works page:

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You can also just hang out and explore Ideas.

But, it all starts with a good Idea. So, make your case!

You don’t have to register and login to post a comment to Cold Fusion Now’s answer. I need some help answering science questions! I wish I could edit what I wrote: like megajoules instead of megawatts.

To tell you the truth, I was thinking they wouldn’t publish it because the CBS 60 mins video clearly isn’t mine (nor is the idea of cold fusion for that matter!). But heck, they did! So they must find it interesting at the least AND cold fusion now has the opportunity to be profiled on PBS!!

But we need some more original videos, animations, and more talk on cold fusion, LENR, and the urgency to understand this science and develop new clean technologies.

Do you have a cold fusion video? Upload is easy as pasting a link. You do have to Register and Login though.

Let’s get this science profiled on PBS!

Energetics Technologies sets up shop in Missouri. A third political party is steps away from embracing the new energy movement. Cold fusion has more than a few heartbeats in Hollywood and is sneakin’ around the TV landscape.

Is this the feeling of “almost now“?

Watch CBS 60 mins Cold Fusion More Than Junk Science from the CBS website:

Green Party moves closer to support cold fusion

James Martinez, the only talk radio host regularly featuring interviews with cold fusion scientists has formally achieved another first: getting politicians to talk about cold fusion.

On the Thursday, Oct. 21 edition of Cash-flow, James interviewed Laura Wells, the Green Party candidate for Governor of California. [visit] She had recently been arrested trying to enter the candidate’s debate, from which all third party candidates are excluded, and with a ticket in hand, was escorted by armed men into a waiting vehicle. Outrageous indeed.

But, could the Green Party be the first third party to openly support cold fusion on their party platform, forcing the discussion of clean energy towards a viable alternative to the renewables?

Word has it that David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate is meeting in DC with some LENR scientists to be briefed on this technology. If he realizes the potential of this energy source and how it will completely change the paradigm of life in the 21rst century, as well as the opportunity it gives the Green Party in the U.S., then he will have to go back and convince the party members.

Suffice to say, Cold Fusion Now will be behind him all the way.
Cold Fusion Now will support any candidate willing to take a stand squarely in support of LENR research.
We would like to see all political parties support this desperately needed technology.

However, it’s clear. Green Party is moving closer to openly supporting cold fusion.
Here’s a clip from the Cash-flow show on Thursday, Oct. 21.

2010-10-21–Laura Wells excerpt 1 by Cold Fusion Now

For the full interview with Laura Wells, go to the Cash-flow archives at Achieve Radio, or, download the .mp3 from Cold Fusion Radio page here.

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