“Waiting for the ‘Works” : Updates on Rossi, Defkalion, and Anticipations

July 4th here in the States came and went; the celebratory fireworks ringed the air, and the aftermath accounts included one big San Diego display attended by thousands, in which, due to an alleged computer glitch, the would be 20 plus minute sky theatrics, went off all at once. A 20 second burst of everything suddenly exploded simultaneously as people watched in awe and amazement, surprise and confusion. What an exciting start, but…where’s the follow up?

I had just finished reading this post here by Ruby on the Fleischmann/Pons story, and thought about that same sudden like explosion that occurred back in ’89 with their big announcement of Cold Fusion. A flurry of fireworks going off all at once. But eventually, as people waited in anticipation for more, they were told the show’s been cancelled. All just a glitch of sorts in Science, sorry…

I also wondered if the San Diego big bang blowout would be similar to future news of an E-CAT, or other, “suddenly” exploding onto the market. Most of the public remains unaware, the press, both mainstream and alternative, remain silent despite power outage and heat related illness/death on the East Coast of the U.S., (which in turn you would think a natural solution piece story specifically on the emergence of Cold Fusion technology related to home cooling would be a no-brainer).

Since there’s been no gradual mainstream buildup, an explosion of sorts seem likely, but this time with a steady stream of continual fireworks to follow.

As we are in the middle of the year, and working Cold Fusion based units seem to loom near, what are some of the recent updates?

Over a week ago, Defkalion released this update:

Following our absence from the public sphere, the following is a status update:
We are conducting analyses of our materials using XRF and ICP-MS. We are committed that this analysis be done with the highest standards. To ensure these high standards, we are using multiple laboratories in Europe. When those results are available, we shall present them in the appropriate forum.
We also have designed and are operating a fully instrumented flow calorimeter to measure the power production of our reactor. Outside scientists and engineers are measuring the input power as well as our flow calorimeter output performance. All these results will be presented when we are confident that they will withstand the scrutiny demanded by our own interests in product development, and the scrutiny of our customers.
We thank you for your continued interest in our challenging and important work load.

Meanwhile Andrea Rossi claims to have 20 units up and running, 600 degrees celcius, which is part of a 42 day test, with high temperature results to be reported in the coming weeks. EC3 speculates it would be just in time for the “17th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-17) scheduled for August 12-17 in Daejon, Korea”. A showdown of sorts could occur as EC3 also noted that Defkalion would report results there as well.

The two things noted as far as Rossi updates go is the report coming out mentioned above, which will seem to provide further promising news, and apparently will be validated by the customer with included photos (“Yes, we are working very strongly, in this very hot Summer. Important news are arriving.” A.R. – July 9th), and then also the certification issue, which seems to be the wick needed to be lit to ignite the potential fireworks, at least as far as the U.S. domestic E-Cat models are concerned.

You have said that your invention is undergoing a certification process in both USA and EU. If either one of this processes is delayed will that affect the product launch worldwide?

Like if the certification process is delayed in USA but successful in Europe will your European business go ahead (and not wait for the processes in USA to be completed)??

1- yes, for the domestic E-Cats, while for the industrial we are very close to be all set
2- If one certification goes through it eases the certification elsewhere, based on the existing conventions.
Warm Regards,
July 9th, 2012.

Readers at ECat World recently participated in a poll on who they anticipated would be the first to set off the ‘works with a MASS MARKET working unit. The top 3 thus far:
1. Leonardo Corp (Rossi) (436 votes)
2. No one. (155 votes)
3. Defkalion (148 votes)

Followed by Brillouin, Blacklight, PlasmERG, Jet Energy, and Nichenergy, in that order.

On another front, it seems the potential fireworks are being taken seriously by the petroleum industry, at least a little more publicly, as a recent editorial emerged in The Journal of Petroleum Technology, outlining LENR as a threat. This was noted as a comment by a reader at E-Cat World prompting this entry, and the actual editorial can be read here.

So we continue to wait, monitor, and wade through the continuation of more tests/reports, uncertain certification processes, and unknown customers to verify; meanwhile it is announced today the U.S. breaks a new heat record for the first half of 2012, while also we have“Dr. Doom”, Nouriel Roubini reporting today that his prediction for likely global economic collapse earlier this year, is perfectly on track to occur.

As always it’s hard to fathom how the timing will play itself out as far as the various Collapse scenarios go, and the actual on the market emergence of Cold Fusion technology taking hold.

However it happens…