Andrea Rossi on Tom and Doug Show: “It is a very important moment”

Tom and Doug are two musicians who have a weekly radio show where they regularly discuss Andrea Rossi and the Ecat.

They’ve written songs on the topic, including I Believe in the Ecat, and LENR Revolution, complete with Rossi audio samples and a saxophone player inserted in the Ecat demonstration video.

An interview with Andrea Rossi conducted by Doug in mid-February opens this video where Rossi talks about plans for industrial Ecats and the third-party testing of the Hot Cat.

Some of the points made were:

  • After the delivery of the 1MW Ecat to the military last year, work ensued on engineering the industrial plants for certification.
  • Now, work continues on “manufacturing some industrial plants that are close to being delivered”, and the certification process continues.
  • The independent test of the Hot Cat, the Ecat that works at high-temperature, should be finished by the end of March.
  • It will be an important validation, but manufacturing of the industrial Ecats will continue regardless of the independent report. The third-party test and the industrial production are independent, but parallel. Rossi is very curious to learn what the report says, and will apply any new information to the engineering process.
  • He’s in contact with the third-party once or twice a week, but the main daily focus is completing the industrial plants that have already been sold.
  • He continues to work long hours, and will continue “pressing” until delivery.
  • After the industrial plants are delivered and working in their factory location, data from their operations will guide work on the domestic Ecat. The industrial plants are “basically assemblies of domestic plants”.
  • Domestic units for the home need to be easy to use and held to a high standard of safety.

Tom and Doug interview Andrea Rossi on Ecats future by Ruby Carat

Tom and Doug interview Andrea Rossi on E-Cat’s Future

Tom and Doug, the pair that brought you “I Believe in the E-Cat“, has followed up with another fabulous audio selection, this time an hour-long interview with Andrea A. Rossi, the inventor of the Energy Catalyzer conducted on 11/11/11.

The E-Cat is the first commercial product based on condensed matter nuclear science, the science that describes the many types of cold fusion reactions, and is now on the market for industrial and agency use.

Tom and Doug have devoted a page on their website to the E-Cat where you can download the .mp3.

In the interview Andrea Rossi talks about the E-Cat product and the inspirations for it, the plethora of websites that have sprung up in support of it, and the backlash this simple, clean energy technology has inspired.

No big news will emerge over the next few months, as the day-to-day work on the 1MW E-Cat units will consume the bulk of attention, says Mr. Rossi, though he does make a jam date to play the drums with the two songwriters as he likes to relax with a little jazz skins.

Jam on for Cold Fusion Now!

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