Cold fusion, confusion and the mad left.

Ian McGilchrist explains in his book The Master and his Emissary that brain studies have shown that the Left brain is responsible for creating models of reality. This is a vital task that the Emissary has to undertake for the Master, the Right Hemisphere.

It seems odd to talk of my Left Hemisphere as “it” when it is more accurate to say “my other half.”

It is a feature of the Left hemisphere that it cannot differentiate between it’s re-presentation and reality. If cornered it will confabulate rather than say “I don’t know.”
Three other things need to be considered when discussing the Left’s function.

  1. It is malfunctioning. Tony Wright argues the case cogently in his book Left in the Dark
  2. It thinks that it is charge, and
  3. It is typing this message that you are reading with your Left now.


So when people are confronted with cold fusion their Left takes over and it prefers its model to reality. If the facts are laid out before them the Left will begin to confabulate wildly.

I hope that this has given you some insight into what is going on.
Insight is a Right brain attribute.

It is for this reason that religious teachers advocate a stilling of the constant chatter of the Left to allow space for voiceless insight.  Einstein said that an Idea had to be “beautiful” and then he left the maths to his undergraduates. That is the nature of the workings of Right.

These days one can take a short cut and shut the Left up with powerful directed magnetic fields. The result of this measure is to unleash your suppressed genius.

New Scientist article:

“Some participants received a stimulating current over the right hemisphere of the brain and inhibitory current over the left, while others experienced the opposite pattern or a sham treatment.”

Please consider counterbalancing the Left with a bit of here-and-now Gestalt.

I am afraid that we are all in this together, so I urge you to have compassion with those who do not have this insight, and are tyrannized by their Left.