TEDxFtLaud cancelled; cold fusion talk with it

Saturday’s TEDxFtLaud event at Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida has been cancelled.

TEDxFtLaud is an independently produced event based on the TED talks originating in California, US. “TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience” with TEDx events all around the world.

Cold Fusion Now’s own Ruby Carat was scheduled to speak on Commercial Cold Fusion: the Viable Alternative Energy at the all day event along with 11 other speakers on a variety of topics and 6 performers.


One of the coordinators of TEDxFtLaud wrote in an email “Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the organizers of the event have made the executive decision to postpone TEDx Fort Lauderdale until 2012”.

No reason was given but the decision was made “after much heartfelt deliberation” and that “our utmost priority is to our patrons, sponsors and speakers and at this time, the event cannot be produced with the quality and caliber that the TED brand denotes.”

It was disappointing news.

A friend had alerted Cold Fusion Now to the TEDxFtLaud event earlier in the season and we submitted our video “Cold Fusion Five: The 5 World Changing Benefits of Cold Fusion Technology” as an application. The organizers responded positively and we were invited to speak.

The planned 18-minute talk largely followed the video script beginning with the E-Cat news, running through a bit more history with Drs. Fleischmann and Pons, and why reproducibility problems thwarted acceptance of their claims.

Touching upon the CBS 60 mins piece on Energetics Technologies and Dr. Robert Duncan’s investigation of their claims, we planned to inform the audience of the emerging service environment that promises to bring this new energy technology into the public consciousness, despite the continuing mixed federal interest.

After showing the weaknesses of conventional alternative energy technologies, we’d end with the top five benefits of cold fusion. All in 18 minutes!

Their website www.tedxftlauderdale.com will remain active and be updated when the new date is chosen.

Who knows what will transpire between now and then or what new developments will be stretching the possibilities for our future. Whatever happens, Cold Fusion Now believes there is nothing more important than finding a new arrangement for living on planet Earth.

A clean energy technology based on cold fusion will go a long way to providing humanity the opportunity and means to develop the structure, and find the wisdom, to live in peace with all life on this planet.

Why not live for something greater than yourself.
Dr. Jan Marwan told us how easy it really is.

“Start talking wherever you are, in your family, at work, when you’re in governmental institutions, start talking. The more you talk about this topic, the more you raise it, the more you involve other people, …you know… it spread’s like a virus!”
Jan Marwan Marwan Chemie with James Martinez on Ca$h Flow November 4, 2010

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