David French on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

David J. French, a lawyer specializing in Patents and Intellectual Property is the guest on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast.

A graduate of McMaster University in Engineering Physics and of the University of Toronto Law School, David French spent 35 years at private law firms and also working with the Canadian government on law reform and international patent issues. He retired to his own firm Second Counsel in Ottawa, Canada.

David is an author and has contributed to Cold Fusion Now!. He has been consulting with scientists in the cold fusion/LENR field offering patent advice and helping to secure their intellectual property.

David discusses patents and patent applications currently issued in LENR field, and how patent office policy has effected research and development in the field.

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back to the future: how to get a hint of the significance of a new invention

In order to understand the technological significance of an invention, it is sometimes better to go back into the past, rather than trying to project into the future.  Science fiction is horrible at looking what will happen in the future, with our limited imagination and limited understanding of the present, we are just no good at seeing around the conceptual corners occurring along the path of a new technology.  One thing that we are fairly good in seeing, however, is the past histories of well established technologies.  

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