Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Michael McKubre

The second in our series surveying the cold fusion landscape features Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI International, previously Stanford Research Institute, where there continues an-almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. Dr. McKubre semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016, and is currently consulting informally with several international research groups.

He speaks with Ruby Carat on the general state of experimental research, and what needs to be done to fully-map the many LENR reactions.

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Webinar with Ruby and Energy 2.0 Saturday Sep 24


Ooops! Webinar with Ruby on Sat Sep 24!

Join me for a cappuccino and discussion with the Energy 2.0 Society on making movies and art about cold fusion science. I’ll talk about meeting some of the top scientists in the field and who’s next in the Cold Fusion Now! camera crosshairs. Ask me questions, and I’ll try to answer too!

“Communicating the Science of LENR/cold fusion” is the rather flat title, but straight-up, that’s what it is!

The details?

Saturday, September 24, 2016
10 am CDT (8AM West coast US) (3PM GMT)
(Check for your time)

Register for the webinar at

Join the conversation on Saturday at

Download a flyer here.


See you there!

Spam Allstars with new atomic jam

Cold Fusion Now Associates will have greater supervision in new location.
Cold Fusion Now Associates will have greater supervision in new location.
Cold Fusion Now is on the move again, back to lovely Eureka, California.

We left our residence in Eureka two years ago to do interviews and advocacy in support of the new energy movement, and we succeeded. Using movies, art and activism, we turned a myriad of people on to the possibilities offered by cold fusion energy.

Now, all efforts are focused on locating the new HQ. With all the stress, I listen to alot of music.

Last year in Florida, I hooked up with my old pal Andrew Yeomanson, a Miami DJ and bandleader of the Spam Allstars who spins with a CFN sticker on his gear.

Miami, Florida DJ Le SPAM has fusion-powered gear
He played me some tracks of a tune he was mixing in his City of Progress Studio.

About a month ago, he finished the mix and together with filmmaker Juan Maristany, made a video titled, er… Ruby Carat!

Woo hoo! Thank you Spam Allstars and Juan Maristany.

Yeah, I dance around just like that.

Cold Fusion Now!

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New Energy Emerging video clip

Here’s a video from filmmaker Blanka Buic of the LASER 5-minute talk New Energy Emerging.

I didn’t get to the emerging part, but the transcript is here.

Lesson: When turning people on initially, drop the historical background.

Just start with “Hey brothers, something new’s going down…” and take it from there.

Thank you Blanka, Art/Sci at CNSI UCLA, and LASER Director Victoria Vesna for the opportunity to speak.