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But, Mr. Moho asked, and so here it is: what I flash-transcribed from the recent Andrea Rossi interview with James Martinez on Ca$h Flow – albeit in a loose, short note form.

Andrea Rossi speaks with Massachusetts State Legislators about manufacturing E-Cats.
In the beginning of the interview, James mentioned Nikola Tesla as one of the greatest inventors that ever lived, and introduced Mr. Rossi similarly for his revolutionary technology.

When James asked about the pressure on him and his team to produce a good product, Mr. Rossi replied “What you call pressure, I translate as responsibility.”

“This is why we are working without limits of time to achieve the targets that we wanted to reach in due time. Absolutely, yes, we feel the responsibility. But this feeling of responsibility is also a source of energy to make our work and to overcome the stakes we have to pass through everyday.”

Mr. Rossi gets a lot mail from all over the world and responds “very fast”, dedicating 2-3 hours each day to answering inquiries, because he “can learn a lot from this”.

James believes the entire planet will benefit from this technology saying “We are at a great new time in the world, right now”, and “this is some of the best news for the entire world.” He wanted to give Mr. Rossi a chance to reiterate how safe and clean this new energy technology is:

“The planet will benefit immensely. Eventually, we won’t have the pollution and problems we’ve had from nuclear energy ever again.

We do not use toxic material, we do not use radioactive material, we do not produce radioactive material, and in the thousands of tests that we have made with specialists from the University of Bologna, we never have found any emission of radiation. We have no emission of smoke, no emission of waste of any kind, we have no CO2 emissions, no noise emissions and no liquid emissions.”

James asked: Is it easier to integrate your technology in a developing country, or, do you think it is easier to do it in a more “modern” venue like the United States?

“This is a very good question. There are pros and cons in either case. Because, of course, in a developing country, the pro is that there is less resistance, because you have a blank paper to write upon. In this sense, there is a pro. But the con is that there is less “???” preparation to accept a very new thing.

The contrary is in the developed countries… I can say this, I have an extreme high level interest for this technology in countries like USA, North America, and Europe mainly. Of course, also interest in other areas, but less intense.

Your question is very good, and I am not sure I’m able to answer. In the beginning we will diffuse our work better in developed countries, but would be delighted to go wherever we will be called, absolutely.”

When James asked which countries will have access to the technology first, Mr. Rossi replied they were organizing a network around the world, but the “first point of development and the main center of production will be in the United States.”

On the topic of implementation, James asked whether he had met any resistance from power companies.

“I think that all the energy sources will be integrated. I do not think that we will displace other energy sources. I think that we will reinforce the energy network of the world.

Maybe other sources will be employed in the fields where they are more “???”. I think that we can be integrated in the global energy system. Of course there will be some competition, and this will be better for the public.”

Looking forward, James asked if this technology would be able to be used in an automobile. Mr. Rossi replied that it was a difficult question to answer right now, but he thought that ships and trains would most likely be an easier application.

“To be applied to an automobile, I think yes, but the application of this kind of energy to the cars or trucks will need not less than 10-15 years because there are very big problems to be resolved
with electricity.”

Asked if he was using an E-Cat in his own home, Mr. Rossi said:

“Yes. Yes, because it’s a test. Of course yes, I am using it. This is important. There are some that are working in some houses of my team and I and we have to collect all the data and analyze all the problems. They are our guinea pigs.”

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Edmund Storms on “The Nuclear Active Environment and Metals that Work”

Dr. Edmund Storms, cold fusion energy scientist and author of The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, spoke to Cold Fusion Now last summer.

This segment has Dr. Storms discussing the idea of the Nuclear Active Environment, an idea that consolidates elements of the cold fusion/LENR/LANR/CANR reaction, through both geometry and processes, in an attempt to describe the reaction theoretically.

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LENR is widely replicated and the answer to our prayers

I found this gem comment the other day while doing some background on LENR:

“I do not think it is “amazing that the media has not paid more attention to” Rossi. His claims seem astounding. They resemble those of many previous energy scams. Reporters and scientists dismiss Rossi for this reason.

Continue reading “LENR is widely replicated and the answer to our prayers”

SRI International: “What happened to cold fusion?”

Dr. Michael McKubre, long-time researcher in cold fusion from the SRI lab in Menlo Park, California speaks to the public on the subject at Cafe Scientifique.

This is the first of eight separate Youtubes, all entitled “What happened to cold fusion?”

Dr. McKubre describes two main branches of the science, electro-chemical palladium-dueterium PD-D and nickel-hydrogen gas-loading Ni-H systems in plain easy language that any interested person can understand.

“I’m going to teach you enough electro-chemistry to go home and do these experiments yourselves.”

He says “Most of the work in the field has been in PD-D systems.” Francesco Piantelli began exploring Ni-H cells in the early nineties. It is this type of reaction on which inventor Andrea A Rossi based his Energy Catalyzer steam generator. Dr. McKubre will discuss that development at the end of the talk because as a news topic, its “hot and interesting.” He also says “Some recent results at SRI seem to support the idea that nickel and light hydrogen also can support nuclear level excess heat.”

In video 2 following, he says of the excess heat generated by a cold fusion energy cell, “This amount of heat is 100 or 1000 times the sum of all possible chemical energies combined.”

PD-D systems are sensitive to impurities. The cell itself is not glass.Fusilica, Teflon, platinum, palladium, quartz and alumina are the only materials that can be used in the cell.

To measure the heat generated accurately, Dr. McKubre says “we need a very well-defined temperature environment.”

The temperature difference between the water coming in and the water going out is measured by two sensors at the inlet of water moving past the heating unit and two-to-four sensors on the outlet water.

The three things we need to know is “what is the temperature difference, what is the mass, the flow rate, how many grams-per-second of water is going through that calorimeter, and what is the heat capacity of that water which is 4.186 Joules per gram of air-saturated water.”

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

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Part 7

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Citizen’s Petition calls for open support of cold fusion technology

Kelley T of Sierra Vista, AZ is the creator of the petition asking President Obama to “investigate the usefulness of the Energy Catalyzer, a creation of the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi and he needs your help in gathering signatures to move the request forward to the President.


Can you take a moment and sign the petition to publicly put this issue in front of President Obama? You must register with using an email address to sign the petition, and the effort needs over 24,000 signatures to make it through.

Having just sent a batch of letters to the Congressional House and Senate Sub-committees on Energy, this effort towards the Whitehouse completes the triptych.

Sign the petition to the Whitehouse here.

Thanks Kelley, and thanks to all who took the time to lend their name to this Action for a clean energy future.

*******Kelley T has subsequently joined with Cold Fusion Now as zed short.

The Believer by zed short

Waiting for the E-Cat: A Comedy in Two Acts by zed short

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