Infinite Energy Magazine publishes 100th issue

I finally got my hardcopy of Infinite Energy magazine.

I’m on the road, with mail forwarded here and there, so there was a delay in the November/December issue. Even though selected articles are available on their website for free, there’s nothing like having it in hand to take around.

Infinite Energy mastIt’s the 100th issue!

Infinite Energy started back in 1995 by Eugene Mallove, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University graduate in aeronautical engineering and environmental health sciences, respectively. He had a talent for communicating science to the public and wrote several books including “Fire from Ice: Searching for the Truth Behind the Cold Fusion Furor“. Fire From Ice

Dr. Mallove was also a chief science writer at MIT’s news office before resigning over their falsification of data from Fleischmann-Pons-style experiments. One of the first passionate advocates of new energy, he wrote a well-documented expose of MIT’s data manipulation in issue #24. From his own words:

In the spring of 1991, as I was finishing Fire from Ice, and feeling increasingly uncomfortable with what was happening at MIT with respect to cold fusion, I made a fateful discovery.

Questions had already arisen about exactly how the MIT PFC-Chemistry Dept. team had analyzed their excess heat calorimetry study that pared a heavy water/palladium cell with an ordinary water/palladium cell. This was the so-called “Phase-II Calorimetry” study that had been published in the Journal of Fusion Energy. (Edited at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center—how’s that for short-circuiting peer review!)

From the pile of information that I had been collecting about the on-going work at MIT and elsewhere, I found two draft documents concerning this calorimetry that had been given to me by PFC team members during the rush toward publication. I could see immediately that there was a serious discrepancy between the unpublished, pre-processed raw data (the July 10, 1989 draft) and the final published data on the July 13, 1989 draft. (See page 11 graphs reproduced from these drafts).

At first glance, it appeared that the data had been altered between July 10th and 13th to conform to what would be most welcome to the hot fusion people—a null result for excess heat in the heavy water data. I would later publicly challenge the creation and handling of these graphs by MIT PFC staff (see extensive Exhibits J through Z-11).” —Dr. Eugene Mallove MIT and Cold Fusion: A Special Report IE#24

Infinite Energy #1 cover 1994
Infinite Energy issue #1 has Dr. Edmund Storms on the cover.

It was the poor treatment of cold fusion that compelled Dr. Mallove to start Infinite Energy magazine.

The very first issue was partially funded by Arthur C. Clarke who wrote “though the title may be criticized on logical grounds, I can’t really think of a better one.” It also included a letter from Clarke to then Vice-President Al Gore requesting funding for this science.

A strong supporter of cold fusion, Arthur Clarke wrote in a 1998 Science magazine article “Even more controversial than the threat of asteroid impacts is what I would call perhaps one of the greatest scandals in the history of science, the cold fusion caper.”

Arthur C. Clarke contributed several articles over the years including “2001: The Coming Age of Hydrogen Power And the Dawn of a New Era” [read] from issue #22.

That very first issue of Infinite Energy also included an article by Nobel Laureate and quantum field theorist Julian SchwingerCold Fusion Theory: A Brief History of Mine“. [read] He was awarded the Nobel prize in 1965 for quantum electrodynamics along with Richard Feynman and Shinichiro Tomonaga, and originated the oft-quoted “The circumstances of cold fusion are not the circumstances of hot fusion.”

Dr. Schwinger later resigned from the American Physical Society APS for their refusal to publish his papers on cold fusion theory, saying “The pressure for conformity is enormous. I have experienced it in editors’ rejection of submitted papers, based on venomous criticism of anonymous referees. The replacement of impartial reviewing by censorship will be the death of science.”

Contributors to issue #1 include names that are familiar to those following cold fusion developments today such as Edmund Storms with his essay “Cold Fusion: From Reasons to Doubt to Reasons to Believe” [read], Jed Rothwell’sVery Hot Cold Fusion in Japan“, Peter Gluck with “Why Technology First“, and Bruce Klein and Dennis Cravens‘ “Cell Testing at Clean Energy Technologies“.

Pioneers like then Associate Editor Hal Fox, Tom Benson, Geoff Rohde, Andrew Rothovius, Michael T. Huffman, Nelson Ying and Charles W. Shults III contributed articles, original research and reviews.

Cold Fusion Lives!
This T-Shirt from Al Kemme Associates was advertised in Infinite Energy Vol. 1 No. 3 in 1995. I want one!

Looking at the earlier issues reveals a community of researchers and writers fully engaged about the possibilities of clean, abundant energy from hydrogen, and excited too.

Advertised in several early issues is this t-shirt design from Al Kemme Associates. Above the order form you could cut-out and mail was this description:

Cold Fusion Lives! The definitive T-Shirt for the Cold Fusion supporter!
Grinning skull with red and yellow atomic eye sockets is guaranteed to be a hit at a scientific conference or biker convention!

Infinite Energy magazine has profiled the major players in cold fusion/LENR/LANR/ condensed matter nuclear science and published original scientific work shunned by the mainstream “peer-reviewed” journals for seventeen years.

Experimental data and articles on speculative science were published to support independent research. Giving a voice and a platform to new energy scientists around the world, allowing the field to advance – before the Internet allowed global networked communication.

The non-profit New Energy Foundation was formed as an adjunct to the magazine in order to further support independent new energy researchers through direct funding. Donations made to the Foundation are distributed to labs that successfully apply to the Foundation. Your donation can also be earmarked for specific researchers and be assured that they will reach their labs in particular.

The death of founder Eugene Mallove in 2004 was devastating to the tight crew that operates the office. Recent losses of Technical Editor Scott Chubb earlier this year and then his uncle, long-time researcher and author Talbot Chubb, this month have also forced difficult changes.

Infinite Energy #100
Infinite Energy issue #100

However, Technical Editors Dr. Peter Graneau and William H. Zebuhr along with Managing Editor Christy L. Frazier have honored their work by continuing to publish cutting-edge new energy science and technology.

Struggling through a difficult economy, the recent 100th issue looks at the state of the science today, surveying scientists working in the field such as Drs. Brian Ahern, Jean-Paul Biberian, Talbot Chubb, William Collis, Dennis Cravens, John Dash, Mitchell Swartz, and Francis Tarzella.

A second status report includes remarks by Thomas Bearden, Arnold Gulko, Donald Hotson, Thomas Phipps, Jr and William Zebuhr with Dr. Cynthia K. Whitney as the lone female respondent.

It includes a review of the first commercial course on cold fusion from NuCat founder David J. Nagel, “A Model for a Sonofusion Process” by Roger Stringham, and a theoretical paper by Scott ChubbConventional Physics Can Explain Cold Fusion Excess Heat“.

Infinite Energy provides a critical service for scientists, students, and clean energy activists. They have generously helped our efforts at Cold Fusion Now through magazine and book donations for our educational and outreach events.

My subscription aids in that endeavor, and yours can too.

Cold Fusion Now!

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