Gerald Celente on “the biggest element that could change the world in a positive way”

Gerald Celente is singular in his field.

Founder of the Trends Institute and their signature publication Trends Journal, he features new energy in his forecasting work. An early subscriber to Infinite Energy magazine and friend to Eugene Mallove, Celente has been following and writing about cold fusion since 1989.

Why is he so alone among forecasters? Gerald Celente answers in this CFN exclusive.

Gerald Celente“Whether it’s infinite energy, or the economy or geopolitics, people have belief systems, and it’s very hard to break out of them, so they have a very narrow vision of the future,” says Celente.

“For example, in the political realm people will say things like I’m a Republican or a Democrat, I’m a liberal, I’m a conservative, I’m left-wing or right-wing. We don’t care who you are or what you believe in. We just look at the facts. It’s what is.”

“And to think that here we are in the 21st century and fossil fuels are our main source of energy, it’s a fossil idea.”

For the rationale, Celente loosely quotes from his nationally bestselling book Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century published January 1, 1997 and translated into eight different languages:

“Looking back from Galileo to the Wright brothers to Wegener and his theory of continental drift, all through the history of science, there’s a sequence of breakthrough discoveries that are automatically dismissed and derided by the establishment of the day.”

“Newspapers ignored the Wright brothers’ flight in 1903. Scientific American claimed it was a hoax. ‘For the next five years – with the Wright Brothers routinely flying test-flights around the field at Kitty Hawk – experts continued to argue that heavier-than-air machines were scientifically impossible.'”

“And the special interests are big roadblocks. Do you think the coal or oil or gas industry wants to see a competitor that could put them out of business?” he asks. “Can you imagine Exxon Mobile going out of business? Think of what refrigeration did to the ice business. There’s no more icemen around!”

“There are special interests that have their ideas of what the future should look like and whether it’s going in that direction or not. They are blinded by their desk-vision, and I have no interest in special interests.”

“In the end, people want results”

“I go back to those days when Infinite Energy magazine was born. I remember what happened with Fleischmann and Pons, and their inability to replicate the experiments,” Celente recalls.

Magazine covers on May 8, 1989
Magazine covers on May 8, 1989

“I don’t know if it was a matter of money or a matter of science, I don’t judge those things. But going back to those days, I can tell you the high-expectations for an alternative energy were actually much higher than they are today. For someone who has been writing about it all those years, I remember the excitement and the massive coverage it was getting.”

And he doesn’t mean the conventional alternatives of wind, solar, geothermal or bio-fuel.

“Whether it’s cold fusion or hydrino power, whatever it might be, when the results are there, they’ll forget who said what, and who was right or wrong. But now, I can’t believe that we’re so locked into the 19th and 20th century ideas of energy and its potential.”

“If we could build an atom bomb to fight a war with a Manhattan Project that wasn’t compromised by special interests – we could have a Manhattan Project of alternative energy, if the will was there, and the money was there, and if the special interests weren’t there.”

“Necessity is the mother of invention, and I think out of necessity, we’re going to see that new invention, if it doesn’t come first out of the human spirit. But again, there’s so much holding it back.”

“The biggest factor, of course, is money”

Regarding the problems that independent labs have protecting their intellectual work, Celente says, “We’ve written about the strangle-hold the patent office has on new patents, too. Without the achievable goal and the money, it’s all small ventures, and people are trying to protect their rights as well as trying to develop the system, so it’s very difficult without the money.”

He wonders when the billionaires are going to “do something really big with their money. They could make this thing happen in no time.”

According to Celente, an angel isn’t the answer, just “an enlightened human being.”

trend-tracking-88“When I wrote my book Trend Tracking back in 1988, the government had spent $13 trillion fighting the Cold War. That number’s probably quadrupled since then.”

“Look at the moronic things they’re doing every day: fighting wars, losing old ones, starting new ones. Look at the money they wasted on this F35; it’s going to cost a trillion dollars. That could have brought us an alternative energy.”

He continued, “As of March 31, the United States Congress appropriated more than $54 billion to support the ANSF Afghan National Security Forces – just this year. This is according to And as of March 31, the United States has spent $10.4 billion on equipment and vehicles, meaning the American tax-payer paid for that.”

“Neither the will or the money is there,” he declares.

“Alternative energy could change the entire economic paradigm. It is the biggest, biggest element I see that could change the world in a positive way.”

“Imagine being off the grid and getting all the energy you could need. Imagine how our foreign policy, and that of the rest of the world, would change. There would be no Iraq war, there would be no Libyan war. It was about oil, it certainly wasn’t about weapons of mass destruction and ties to Al Qaeda, they didn’t have any. But Libya has some of the finest sweet crude oil on the planet. The whole middle east situation changes.”

“To me, at this time, alternative energy is the holy grail of civilization”

“It could be much bigger, for example, than the boom, and the whole Internet revolution. You saw what that did. This could trump that by thousands of times. It’s one of our most important discoveries waiting to happen that could really be a civilization-changer.”

“But as my father would say, may his soul rest in peace, ‘don’t get upset, we’re dealing with people who have little minds.’ So that’s it, we’re dealing with people with little minds, and they just can’t see the big picture.”

“Scientific and industrial opposition may slow the energy revolution”, writes Celente, but they will not stop it, and we can look forward to “a revolution on the order of the discovery of fire”, making it possible for people to live the alternative lifestyles they believe in.

trends2000From Trends 2000:
The energy revolution will be the single-biggest investment opportunity of the twenty-first century. Its ramifications will extend to practically every aspect of human and planetary life. To profit from the trend, potential investors should start familiarizing themselves with the field thoroughly and immediately, and keep abreast of developments before they become official. Recommended reading Infinite Energy magazine Post Office Box 2816 Concord, New HampshireGerald Celente Trends 2000

Freed from reliance upon established institutions and infrastructures, access to free energy can “make a life of voluntary simplicity, self-sufficiency and techno-tribalism” based in a “psychology of inner freedom”.

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