Synopsis of recent Finnish patent application


Patent to be issued to Etiam Oy. Inventor: Pekka Soininen

The invention proposes to produce thermal energy in a reaction chamber from “nanoscale particle accelerators” and a nano-powder catalyst material used for promoting the formation and storage of condensed Rydberg matter.

The particle accelerators are composed of a metal material (usually powdered Ni) capable of conducting electricity, absorbing hydrogen atoms in the interstitial spaces in the metal lattice forming a metal hydride, and a dielectric material (electric field creator usually in powdered form) capable of being polarized. The nanoparticles accelerators create, enhance and focus localized electric fields and thus accelerate hydrogen ions and electrons.

The catalytic nano-powders allow for the formation and storage of Rydberg matter and inverted Rydberg matter in the same reaction chamber where the nanoscale particle accelerators are producing high-energy electrons and protons. Quantum tunneling allows high-energy protons to overcome the Coulomb barrier, which then allows nuclear fusion to take place between the protons and lattice atoms. The Rydberg matter and inverted Rydberg matter formed by local low-level electric fields condense to form condensed Rydberg matter, which when exploded by high intensity electric fields provide additional protons that increase the probability that fusion with lattice atoms takes place with the release of additional energy.

It appears that the invention itself depends on the efficacy of the reactions posited above. There appear to be two kinds of processes at work. Each process appears to produce protons, which then produce excess heat by tunneling through the Coulomb barrier, each helping the other to make the tunneling process more efficient in producing heat energy. If the inventor has a working model and that model produces energy consistent with the nuclear reactions indicated in the patent, there may actually be some credence to the claims made. This approach to explaining LENR theory is new to me and may IMO have some merit.

The inventor explains in some detail realizations of the specific materials used in the reaction chamber. These materials may be similar to those used by Rossi and Defkalion.