World’s Wildlife Needs Cold Fusion

“We are liquidating the earth’s natural assets to fuel our consumption.”

In World on the Edge, Lester Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, writes

“The world’s ever-growing herds of cattle, sheep, and goats are converting vast stretches of grassland to desert. Forests are shrinking by 13 million acres per year as we clear land for agriculture and cut trees for lumber and paper. Four fifths of oceanic fisheries are being fished at capacity or overfished and headed for collapse. In system after system, demand is overshooting supply.”
Lester Brown Chapter 1 On the Edge

Human expansion into the environment for shelter, food, and fuel, exacerbated by the sprawl around cities, is squeezing wildlife into the last remaining islands of shrinking habitat.

What is at stake?

In 1979, 1.2 million elephants roamed the African continent. That number currently is 300,000 elephants. We have lost 75% of the elephant herds mainly due to poaching, loss of habitat and human conflict.
Wildlife Direct Elephant Slaughter is Recurring

Kenyan lion is near extinction.Kenya’s Lions are on the brink of extinction.

Borneo Orangutans victims of logging and fire to clear the land for palm oil plantations, and hunted as resources become scarcer.

Mountain gorillaThe total population of mountain gorillas worldwide is 786 because of shrinking habitat.

The last two hundred in Virunga National Park are victims of resource wars and poaching for food and retail. The DR Congo blocks Soco from oil search in Virunga Park for now, but how long?

North America inexplicably began losing bee colonies. Chemicals in the water supply cause small amphibians to show mutations. A giant Garbage Patch in the Pacific floats unnoticed by humans, but putting plastics into the DNA of birds.

Birds fill up on plastic, then starve to death.

The list is long and depressing.

But this conflict that threatens the futures of both wildlife and humans has a solution – with abundant cold fusion energy technology.

Growing food locally and sustainably is economically viable using cold fusion energy.

The first commercial device of this revolutionary technology is essentially a steam generator, which could provide affordable clean water, as well as hot water and heat, off-grid in the remotest locations to support agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, and domestic needs.

Designed to run on hydrogen and a recyclable nickel powder, only one gram of nickel can provide 10 kilowatts of thermal energy from a small portable unit, recharging in about six-months.

Cold fusion steam generators can supply heat for greenhouses.
Agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture all benefit from clean water, and hot water.

Even in cold climates, steam generators can heat greenhouses for organic food all year long.

With plentiful energy, it becomes economically viable to recycle all waste, reducing the need for more virgin resources, and no more plastic into the environment!

With clean and abundant cold fusion energy, we can stop the pollution from fossil fuels and the end resource wars limited supplies engender.

Carbon-burning steam power revolutionized farming in the 19th century. Nickel-Hydrogen Exothermic Reaction steam power can revolutionize world agriculture in the 21rst century.

Greek-shipIn the ancient Mediterranean villages where philosophy and science began, problems associated with increasing population in were taken care of by shipping off a portion of the tribe to a new location, sometimes forcefully, and founding a new colony.

21rst century humans do not have that same opportunity. There is no ‘Unknown’ area on Earth to expand into. Moon base 2020? Not likely without cold fusion energy.

NASA SpaceShip to Mars
Where else can humans go?

On Earth, there is only what we choose to programas Nature. ‘Nature’ can only be a work of Art with the participation of All.

Why should we care about the wildlife of this world?

One of the first philosophers in the Greek world was Empedocles. He lived around 450BC and came from the island of Sicily. In one of his surviving fragments of writing, he relates to his student Pausanias the importance of listening carefully to the words his teacher Empedocles is saying.

And why is listening to the teacher Empedocles’ words so important?

“If you press them down
underneath your dense-packed diaphragm
and oversee them with good will and with
pure attention to the work, they will all
without the slightest exception stay with you
for as long as you live. And, from them,
you will come to possess many other things.
For they grow, each according to its
own inner disposition, in whatever way their
nature dictates.
But if you reach out instead after
other kinds of things – after the ten thousand
worthless things that exist among humans,
blunting their cares – then you can be sure
they will only too gladly leave you with the
circling of time, longing to return to their
own dear kind. For you need to know that
everything has intelligence and a share
of awareness.”
Empedocles 450BC translated by Peter Kingsley inReality

Lion cub
"Please listen to us!"

Cold Fusion Now!

Reality by Peter Kingsley

Earth Policy Institute

You can help animals and birds in your neighborhood by providing fresh drinking water, putting bird seed in feeders, and plant indigenous to feed local wildlife. Refrain from toxic chemical use in and around your home, and recycle even the tiniest of plastic pieces.

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