1913 Hot Water Boilers

Peruse the advertisements for hot water boilers from an old 1913 Architectural Digest. These conveniences were a new technology for the public as the century started. As this century begins, we may see the emergence of a new technology to last a millennium.

01-Ruud Manufacturing
People in 1913 are exhilarated to have the convenience of gas-heated water in their homes. Cold fusion technology can take accommodation to a new level by offering the convenience of personal power production without any grid-ties.
02-Kriebel System
The Vapor Vacuum Heating Company prided themselves in their simple design - which came with a primer. The perplexing nature of the cold fusion reaction is in contrast to the relatively simple design of the technology based on hydrogen and small pieces of metal like nickel.
03-Craig Boilers
Craig Boilers and Richardson Boilers - maximum service at minimum cost. Clean energy based on hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, makes cold fusion technology the viable alternative energy and the economical one.
04-Pierce Spence
New designs are important for the Pierce Spence Water Boiler. Emergin cold fusion technology is in its infancy, and will go through many design changes throughout the decades, and centuries.
The Kewanee Firebox Boiler highlights the safety of the design.
06-Honeywell Heating
Honeywell Heating provides dependable and economical heating service for apartment tenants. Cold fusion technology engenders a new economy allowing individuals new opportunities for living on Earth.

1925 Hot Water Boilers

The first commercial cold fusion technology is emerging as a hot-water boiler to make useful steam and hot water.

An old Architectural Record from December 1925, with no cover but otherwise in tact, contained eight advertisements for hot water boilers and a lone oil heater for domestic use in the US.

It’s amazing that, despite the technological advances, some things will never change. Hot water and steam are beloved by humans.

Imagine this cold fusion technology network.
2-HB Smith Boiler Testimonial
This unit consumed 18 tons of coal over a heating season, compared with their neighbors 25 tons of coal. I can't wait to write my testimonial - for one gram of nickle powder every six months!
3 Todd Oil Burner 1925
Let's leave this technology in the last century. Look at all that CO2!
4 Bryant Heating 1925
Cold fusion hot water boilers don't need to be connected to a grid giving privacy, independence, and freedom
5 Riverside Boilers 1925
Small amounts of nickel transmute to copper in a Rossi E-Cat.
6 Aero Radiators 1925
What will the next 31 years bring? Will cold fusion be the energy in the year 2043?
7 Excelso Heaters 1925
Multiple single cells in one unit. Now where have I seen that before?
8 Merion Heaters 1925
Can Mr. Rossi rollback prices this low? Go Conchie!