2016 LENRIA Calendar

The 2016 LENRIA Calendar is now available!

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Formerly, the History of Cold Fusion Calendar, this wall-hanging masterpiece now flies under the banner of LENRIA, the LENR Industry Association, Inc with Director Steve Katinsky.


Created by Ruby Carat of Cold Fusion Now, and edited and produced by Steve Katinsky, the calendar is jam-packed with info about the emerging new energy industry now forming around the ultra-clean energy generated from cold fusion power cells.

Including historical notes, this calendar tells the story of a technology met with virulent resistance, and a group of researchers who defied mainstream rejection to develop and understand this elusive reaction.

Large, close-up photos of scientists, engineers and their nascent technology grace each month of the year, while dates hold facts and figures to educate and inform.


What day was designated “F-Day” by the Electrochemical Society?

How much more energy is gained from deuterium fusion than burning coal?

When and where was the first steam plant ever built?

You’ll find the answers to these questions in the 2016 LENRIA Calendar, to be sent to politicians and policymakers, researchers and investors, and YOU!

Purchase yours today from Infinite Energy Press!