Pure Nickel Coins

Left: Euthydemos II – c.190-171 BC – Nickel didrachm 24mm diameter, 7g. Apollo bust / tripod monogram to left “Of King Euthydemos” Right: Agathokles – c.171-160 BC – Nickel drachm 19mm diameter, 3.3g. Dionysos bust / Panther touching vine monogram behind “Of King Agathokles” [Source]

Three rulers in the Bactrian kingdom were first to issue nickel coins in the first century AD. Two of the coins are pictured at the top. The coins were 25% nickel and 75% copper alloy, just like today’s U.S. nickel coin. The source of the ancient nickel is unknown.

Let’s surrender our Nickels to our Senators and Representatives, sending a message regarding the coming shift in the energy paradigm. —Paul Maher

Send a link to your reps along with coin image to Cold Fusion Now for posting.

Print a few coins to a page saying

1.25 grams of nickel can make energy equivalent to 5 barrels of oil!
LENR/Cold Fusion Works!

to post on bulletin boards around your neighborhood.

Cold Fusion Now has a particular interest in numismatics. Author John Francisco is an ancient coin collector whose specialty is the Pythagorean coins of Magna Graecia. His research on ancient coins is regularly published in The Celator magazine. [visit]

Personally, my favorite is the ancient electrum from Lydia and Ionia, some of the first coins ever minted, but more recently, I’ve been snagging nickels.

While in Florida last winter, I met Steve Schor at the Hollywood Coin Club. [visit] Steve is a huge resource on coins from every age. His breadth of knowledge commands the whole club be asking him “What’s up with this coin?”

Of course I give him the cold fusion now rundown – and he goes for it!

I had a table at a coin show last October 2011 in Hollywood, Florida, and here’s a photo showing the portion dedicated to clean energy. Notice Edmund StormsThe Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, .pdfs of the 2011 MIT CF/LANR Colloquium, and Cold Fusion Now stickers.

Steve borrowed my copy of Storms’ The Science of, but luckily, I got it back.

Cold Fusion Now represents at the Hollywood Coin Show in Hollywood, Florida last October 2011.

Yes, there are plenty of coin collectors in the South Florida area who will not be surprised when technology is released thanks to this event.

Steve Schor, former engineer and coin collector, just compiled a list of “all nickel” coins. I can’t believe how many there have been. If you’ve got any of these coins, take a picture and send it to me, cause I collect pictures of nickels, too!

Schor’s file has been re-formatted and v.2 of Pure Nickel Coins is available as Excel spreadsheet [.xls] or exported to [.pdf]. Note: weight is in grams.

Look at all that power – in your pocket!

If you have any questions about these coins, email Steve here.