Al Gore mentions Cold Fusion Today (6/11) at Google+ Conversation

algoreIn a 40 minute video chat published today by TakePart TV as part of a Google+ Conversation series, Al Gore is interviewed on climate change and is asked about various alternative energy solutions.

Just before the 19 minute mark, he is asked about Nuclear Fusion wherein he states that he’s been told by the experts he trusts that it’s 50 years away at least, referring to Hot Fusion.

He IMMEDIATELY then changes gears, and with a slow dramatic emphasis, he states “there are some very intriguing explorations of what used to be called Cold Fusion…”

Naturally he goes on to say something to the effect of ‘don’t bet all your marbles on it in the near future’, but nevertheless, the emphasis and excitement in his one little line is enough to tell he knows a bit more than he’s willing to let on. Perhaps knew he had to break the ice on the long standing ignoring, denouncing, and “inconvenient truth” of Cold Fusion. Of course he tries to create some distance with the term as well…“they don’t like to call it that anymore…”

Watch the full video, but skip to around the 19 minute mark for the short and sweet Cold Fusion blurb.