Forecast: Cold on 10/10/10

Science just isn’t cool. The last time science was kind of cool seemed to be in the 90s, when computer hacking punched through pop culture. Who can forget Angelina Jolie as the sexy-smart soon-to-be MIT student in Hackers?

But today, environmentalism is cool. And although many environmentalists could use a dose of science, it’s true enough that science could use a good dose of environmentalism.

So Cold Fusion Now will holding an action event coordinated with, a group dedicated to reducing CO2 in the atmosphere below 350 ppm. On 10/10/10, is sponsoring a Global Work Party to highlight climate change and our politician’s lack of response with leadership in this area.

There will be tree plantings, city clean-ups, solar stove installations – all kinds of actions and events around the planet – and Cold Fusion Now has signed up to participate. After all, what energy-producing technologies promise the kind of kick that cold fusion could deliver with practically zero emissions?

We’ll be giving out free Cold Fusion Now stickers with FAQ/information cards about low-energy nuclear reactions, like “What is cold fusion?” etc. We’ll be making some posters for a table, and heck, if I can get some more books (I’ve given all I had away!), we’ll have those out as well.

Think about your own event for 10/10/10. What could you do to change our energy paradigm? If you’ve got something in mind, no matter how small, go to and post your event. The more people see the words, the closer we get to putting this science at Top Priority, where it should rightly be.

Look up our zip code 95501 on their event finder and check out our Cold Fusion Now event updates page. I can’t wait!