The real 22 July 2012 LENR Lottery Pick: no doubt about it – The Hot (Orange) Cat. Congratulations Mr. Rossi! The much more important question should be though what is going to be the diversionary “news” to soften the event!  Probably it is going to be the heavy rains and puddles and darkness as seen as one steps through “the wooden fence” to the other side! Wonder if that is going to be “three days of darkness”?

the youthful orange cat (Dream 13 May 2012: Puzzled, Compound, Dog, Cost, Cages, Three Youthful Tabby Cats, Healthy, Busily Eating, Looking, Another Cat, Goes Outside, Then Back Inside)

Fact (17 July 2012): there is a young orange and white cat that has been coming over to eat from our two (Brennus and Sophie – one cat being solid gray and one a tabby with black and gray strips) cats’ food dish on the front porch for the last few days every day (started about a week ago).

the big television news (Dream 26 June 2012: Well-To-Do Family Distracted But Appreciative, Important News Event About To Be Reported On Television)

Fact: many many fires burning across the United States being reported on television lots of television stations.

darkness, rains and puddles of water during the transition (Dream 01 July 2012: Anagram Concept, Wooden Fence, Day Time Bright Hot, Stepped Through Fence, Evening Time Rain Puddle)

Fact: (yet to happen)

Posting Link: Dreaming: High School Physics and The Ancient Stone Sculpture, Laboratory Apparatus and The Discovery of Zirranium

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