Weather Driven Laughter

Weather Driven Laughter

I am so glad!

That the weather

driven waves of


Still.   sh..  shhh…

Crash upon your shore.

Laughter crests


Illuminated Bubbles



The top!

Gently it then








Sands of…


Love…  love
An addendum to this prose::

From ‘A Son of His Father’

A novel by Harold Bill Wright

Copyright 1925, by D. Appleton and Company

presented as an Irish Folk Song pg. 253



When the blue divils swarm all around you

And the life yer livin’ is hell;

When the saints you have prayed to protect you

Seem to be off their jobs for a spell;

When the world is that black wid disaster

That ye swear it wad be sweet to die

Sure ‘tis then that ye’ll need to remember

That ‘tis better to laugh than to cry.


For a smile will go farther, my darlin’,

Than a fist full of jewels and gold;

“Tis the hearty guffaw and the merry ha-ha

Keeps this old world from growin’ too old.

A heart filled wid mirth is the salt of the earth

But there’s no good at all in a sigh;

So ye’ll not be forgettin’, mavoureen,

That ‘tis better to laugh than to cry.


The old divil can do but his worst, my dear,

As the saints can do only their best;

If ye laugh when yer hurt and don’t worry,

Sure the heavens will take the rest;

All the angels above do be smilin’

On the one who can make troubles fly,

So ye’ll heed me, dear heart, and be cheery

For ‘tis better to laugh than to cry.

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