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The first 30

Harvard University Department of Physics Melissa Franklin, www.physics.berkeley.edu Frank Hellman, Stanford University Department of Physics Steven Kahn,MIT Department of Physics Edmund Bertschinger, / .Physics Department – University of Washington Blayne Heckel, Physics Department, Princeton University Lyman Page, Physics Department – University of Wisconsin-Madison, UC San Diego – Department of Physics Dimitri Basov. Department of Physics at UF John Yelton, Physics Cornell University Department of Physics Ritchie Paterson, Department of Physics New York University David Grier, Physics (University of Michigan) Bradford Orr, Department of Physics physics.uchicago.edu/ Edward C. Blucher, Department of Physics — The University of Texas at Austin Richard Hazeltine, Department of Physics – Penn State
 Nitin Samarth, Department of Physics – UC Santa Barbara Omer Blaes, Physics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Dale J. Van Harlingen, Department of Physics Columbia University William Zajc, Physics Department Cal Poly Madayama Scrinivas, Chance Hoellwarth, Department of Physics|Brown University James.Valles, James Valles Jr., Physics Department (Brookhaven National Laboratories) Charles Ludlam, Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Utah James Kieda, Physics, Department of Physics – Texas A&M University, Boston University Physics Cheryle Endicott Admin. To Chair, Duke Physics Haiyan Gao, Department of Physics , Department of Physics and Astronomy – UCLA James Rosenzweig, College of Sciences and Mathematics (Auburn University) J.D. Perez, NC State Department of Physics (North Carolina) John Blondin, Department of Physics Physics University of Connecticut Admin. to the Chair, Physics Department at Kansas State University Amil Chakrabarti, Department of Physics Dr. C. Megan Urry, The University of Arizona Department of Physics Associate Dean Dr. Elliott Cheu and also Professor of Physics Dr. Bruce Barrett.

The following was sent to the folks above on 1/2/12.

To the.

Honorable Chair and

Honorable Dean and

Esteemed Director of the Physics Department of your Institution,

I write to get your view on cold fusion; research otherwise known as Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), or Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions (CANR), also Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions (LANR), Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS) and Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions.

1) Do you view the majority of works done in these areas: A) Good science? B) Pathological science? A or B? If A continue…

2) Does your university offer instruction in this field as a for-credit class or as a not-for-credit class? If you do, please provide class information.

3) Are you developing a curriculum focused on this discipline? If you are, when will you offer it?

4) Do you have any of these experiments performed as instruction or for research? If you do, please provide a brief description.

5) What peer review journals do you utilize or source in this field (for publication or review), ‘cold fusion’ conferences do you follow, or books do you recommend for information about this science?

I am determining if it is worthwhile to study in this or not.

Thank you for your time.

Be well,

Gregory Byron Goble
2206 Curtis Street
Berkeley. CA 94702

-any questions call
(415) 724-6702

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