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While everyone else in the country is suffering, losing jobs, companies and businesses folding, Santa Monica is celebrating the grand opening of their 265 million dollar mall. Unreal, but it’s one for the “what were they thinking” history books, when they look back post collapse and try to put some pieces into place.

And that’s the excess that this place (Los Angeles) has. There’s so much wealth floating around, that it does just that, it floats around; the aimless shuffle of dollars back and forth. An area in America where at any given time there’s a handful of 50 million buck movies being pumped out factory style.

And technologies that can save the world, literally, struggle for 20 years to rack up a mere 100 million dollars in research and development funds. But 2 years and 250 million bones for a mall with a Nordstroms in it is cause for celebration.”

Cold fusion search: past and …future?

The search engine Time Explorer searches the past and …the future.

Here is a description of how they search articles from the New York Times for “predictions” or claims that earlier news stories had made.

Check out the Search: cold fusion – past.

On the Opinion panel to the right of the page, look at the Trend!
Well… is using the NYT…

Check out the Search: cold fusion – future.

This is still in testing stages. Read this for more about what this crew is doing.

Excerpt from “A Student’s Guide to …”

In honor of school starting, here’s Bob Neveritt reading the first part of Dr. Edmund StormsA Students Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 Descriptions of the nuclear active environment. (minus a few technical symbols!)

Part I (1:02)
Bob reads Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 part 1 by Cold Fusion Now

Part II (0.41)
Bob reads Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 part 2 (sort of) by Cold Fusion Now

David J. Nagel on Ca$h Flow: A Reasoned Approach to Funding

On his Ca$h Flow show, James Martinez has done some great interviews with cold fusion [LENR, LANR, and CANR] scientists, authors, as well as politicians and artists all discussing this most important science.

Beginning with Edmund Storms, Michael McKubre, Peter Hagelstein, and most recently, David Nagel, we’ve been treated to an inside look at an area of scientific research with a story that could double as a serial drama, a drama going on for 21 years.

That’s how long cold fusion researchers have been working on a completely new kind of science: a source of power generation that’s not conventional nuclear fusion, and it’s not cold, but some new kind of process that produces nuclear-power-sized energy using a fuel derived from sea-water.

And with an estimated sum total of $100 million invested over that same 21 years, these scientists, looked upon by their fellow peers as a fringe element, have managed to produce tens of megawatts of power from tiny fractions of a gram of a metal called palladium – and not just palladium, but other metals as well. Energy output has been produced from 25, and now to possibley 400, times the input energy!

Hello. Bon jour. Ola.

Let me repeat that: Energy output has been produced from 25 to possibly 400 times the energy input.

How does 2 kilowatts of power (that’s twenty 100-watt light-bulbs) generated from a sugar-cube sized piece of metal that ran for three months sound to you?

What if your power bill was 1/25 it’s current amount? What if it was 1/400 it’s current amount, and – you only had to pay once a couple of months? I ask you, how would that change your life?

Meanwhile, we fiddle around with the call, or rather, the continual rant, to drill the last drops of our precious hydrocarbon resources out the the most dangerous places, with the energy output to input ratio from said hydrocarbons dwindling hourly, while this promising area of research into clean energy goes on with no proper funding.

In his most recent interview, James prompted Professor Nagel to describe a funding scenario, devised by him and his colleagues, that presents a reasoned approach to programmed funding for this new energy research that has suffered so long from under-investment. He described a 5-year program starting at $20 million a year and ramping up to $40 million annually, an average of $30 million a year for five years to bring this research to the next phase, and more importantly, as Dr. Nagel describes, bring a young group of scientists into this field of research to continue to innovate and drive the next-generation energy for our planet.

What a great plan, and a great way to present to the Department of Energy, the National Research Council, and our elected officials in charge of funding these programs.

Letters must go to these Senate Committees:

1. Commerce, Science and Transportation
2. Energy and Natural Resources
3. Environment and Public Works

Letters must go to these House Committees:

1. Energy and Commerce
2. Science and Technology
3. House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

These folks need to hear from us.
They need to hear that we want a new energy paradigm.
We want funding for this clean energy research.

Considering the cash thrown around these days, how much would you be willing to put up for a green nuclear power; power with a million times more energy than traditional chemical burning of gas and oil?

How much for a clean nuclear power with no harmful radiation, no radio-active waste, no CO2 emissions, decentralized, and scalable to both small and large power devices?

How much to be a leader in the world, discovering a new kind of physics, one that has never been seen before, and one that could create a renaissance of technology and exploration, without the need for resource wars?

Perhaps those who have the purse-strings would fund jobs for young scientists, so they don’t have to chase their jobs to India, China, and Russia, to get support?

Doom and gloom is everywhere and darkness reigns over our land in a great shadow of oil. Earth’s people have been rubbed together and there’s no where else to go. We need to confront our physical reality on this planet squarely.

We don’t need look back anymore, or waste another second with The Losers.
There is no more time.

The answer to systemic collapse is to focus on clean, light living and turn towards the solutions. Throw in with the best people who work on providing positive solutions to our problems, who work to better humanity, and themselves in the process, and who work to provide a future for all the people of this planet with a clean, green, and peaceful energy technology.

We can change our way of living. We’ve done it before.
And we’ll do it again. How we do it, is our choice.

To listen to James’ interviews on cold fusion, and start turning towards your solutions, go to the Cold Fusion Radio page and download some mp3s.

Get your chip body educated, and you can’t help but be lifted up out of the murky status quo the rest of our bodies seem to accept.

Letter to ARPA-E

Here is a copy of a letter I wrote to Dr. Arun Majumdar at the ARPA-E requesting funding for LANR, lattice-assisted nuclear reactions.

Also included was a lovely Cold Fusion Now bumper sticker to hitch on his wagon.

Please take 10 minutes and write a letter to support cold fusion research. Write or call your elected representatives and local and national media.

The lack of funding is a travesty, one that we must rectify.
If we don’t get off this petroleum and gas, we’re cooked – literally!

Here’s what I wrote:

Dr. Arun Majumdar
Director, ARPA-E
Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Avenue, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20585

Dear Dr. Majumdar,

In researching energy issues and ways to reduce fossil fuel consumption, I was surprised to learn that there exists an extremely promising field of inquiry that gets absolutely no funding from the Department of Energy. I am talking about LANR, lattice-assisted nuclear reactions.

Have you looked at the results coming out of labs worldwide lately? Present success is generating megawatts from 0.3 grams of palladium. Energetics Technologies, based in New Jersey, has produced output energy 25 times the input energy!

Please sir, I beg you, give this research the boost it needs. It was recently assessed that a mere $10 million distributed among various groups working in the US could take this research “to the next level”. If we fail to provide a viable alternative energy beyond the renewables in this country, then someone else will. We are desperately in need of a new source of energy and oil and gas have had a great run, but it’s time to move on now.

In addition, the patent process for LANR technologies, as well as LENR low-energy nuclear reactions, and CANR chemically-assisted nuclear reactions technologies, must be updated. Wouldn’t it be great to have another Internet revolution with all the new energy devices whose fuel is deuterium from seawater?

There is no reason at all why this research isn’t supported. Please give it a chance, and we could have a renaissance in technology.

Thank you very much for your work and efforts.

Your Name HERE!

The greatest artist in the world, or, “the greatest artist in the world”

“The future of the future is the present.”
Marshall McLuhan

So how can we tell what the present is?

Ask an artist.

The artist is a person who is “expert in training of perception”.

Here are three very different artists on cold fusion.

Artist Chad Scoville, whose recent article Media Dopplers was published on ctheory, chatted with James Martinez on his Cash-flow show, and the conversation veered to cold fusion. (6:25 minutes)

Artist Chad Scoville on cold fusion. by Cold Fusion Now

At one time, he was the “only man alive”. And during the crash of 08, he managed to become the richest man on Earth. Whatever he is, Bob Neveritt, whose juggling can be found at, clued me (back) into cold fusion in 2004. There is so much of Bob on cold fusion, let me just highlight a short clip from an earlier Ca$h Flow visit in October 2008 where Bob relates frictionless energy and the Mayan calendar. (0:27 seconds)
Media ecologist Bob on cold fusion and 2012 by Cold Fusion Now

Sometimes, you just need the condition of music.
Dave Barge is a West LA singer, actor, and director, who can take one minute and eight seconds and put you right in the mood for fusion. If you like this, check out his other gorgeous music on Youtube. (1:09 minutes)

Cold Fusion Now 012 – Dave Barge by Elienation