Mahadeva Srinivasan on the Cold Fusion Now! podcast

On the 29th anniversary of the announcement of table-top fusion from the hydrogen in water, Cold Fusion Now! hosts Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan, a nuclear physicist and Emeritus Head of Neutron Physics Division at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Mumbai. He co-edited the 2015 special LENR issue of Current Science journal and has jump-started several research groups.

Four different groups are investigating cold fusion/LENR using nickel-light hydrogen systems, three of them focused on generating excess heat, with one group looking for nuclear transmutations. Dr. Srinivasan had a major role instigating this work, bringing government together with academics to fund research that involves students.

Dr. Srinivasan was recently featured in an article India warms to cold fusion and he speaks with Ruby on how Indian LENR research has turned a 180 from years of drought with this new experimental activity.

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2017 LENRIA Calendar

Back cover
Just out of the box and more jam-packed than ever before! The The Industrial Association for LENR finally released their 2017 LENRIA Calendar and this year’s effort is the best yet!

January date page
Every square centimeter of space educates and fascinates with the facts and figures of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS). As full disclosure, I myself Ruby Carat worked on this very calendar, together with LENRIA’s Steve Katinsky, who produced a fabulous visual directory of the scientific field.

Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project represents open science for all humanity
Featuring an impressive network of global researchers working to unlock the promise of Nano-Nuclear Reactions, as the 2016 SPAWAR report described them and is quoted in the calendar, one-after-another, the pages reveal the sheer number of people working to find a solution to our global resource needs – using only bits of metals and ultra-clean hydrogen from water. The last several years have witnessed an increasing rate of interest in the science, as well as the technology.

Working together, the CMNS scientists profiled in the 2017 LENRIA Calendar show the world what cooperation beyond borders looks like. Photos from the recent 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (ICCF 20) held in Sendai, Japan along with a satellite conference in Xiamen, China, have experimentalists and theorists from every continent represented.

I still have mine on my refrigerator.
As a calendar there’s little room to write your appointments, as the date spaces collect the wisdom and knowledge of the field today with quotes, historical facts, and an occasional equation to elevate the fun. It’s more art than contemporary date book, more science almanac than nostalgic paper calendar.

Last year’s 2016 LENRIA Calendar was a huge tool for advocates, wowing newcomers to the field with its lavish tech photos, showing some well-funded, and scientifically-successful ventures. This year, the elite of scientific research see themselves as a cohesive community, one united in purpose: a clean energy revolution.

A technology eludes engineers and a theoretical model still awaits community confirmation, but the research is coming closer than ever to narrowing-down the criteria for success. After 28 years of effort, designs are finding ways to extract value from the effects, which once understood, will point the way to a green technological future for all of life kind, on Earth and beyond. With ultra-clean, energy-dense power from the hydrogen in water, we have the choice to re-make our planet without the imaginary borders and imaginary disputes, but the greatest collaborative global project ever conceived.

If you haven’t received your copy soon, or you want more, please purchase a copy from the Infinite Energy Foundation and Magazine website here:

Stanford Energy Club LENR panel, dinner next Wednesday

SEC Nuclear Energy Community Kickoff: LENR Panel
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 6:15 PM to 8:45 PM
655 Knight Way, Stanford, CA 94305
Stanford Graduate School of Business Gunn Building, Room G102
Stanford Energy Club Nuclear Energy Community

Join the Stanford Energy Club for the launch of our newest community, the Nuclear Energy Community, at a panel discussion and networking dinner on recent developments in Lattice Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). The panel will discuss the latest trends in this novel field of nuclear physics from around the world, and will be followed by a dinner that will outline upcoming plans for the community.
For more information on the Nuclear Energy Community, please email Nathan Kong at
Location: Stanford GSB, Gunn Building, Room G102
When: Wednesday, January 25, 6:15 – 8:45pm
Food: Dinner will be served after the panel
Posted from Stanford Energy Club¶meters=id%3D5838%26model%3DEvent

John Varney Canadian Energy Initiative

John Varney is an engineer and passionate energy activist in Canada. He formulated a Canadian Energy Initiative – Let’s Start Now [pathway002.pdf] and has written many letters to Canada’s political and business leaders about the need for change.

And may I thank you, dear friends, for your activism towards a new energy future. With Earth systems in seizure, building a 21st century living arrangement will require a power source radically different than what we have now. We are all on the front line of change.

> From: John Varney Dated: September 14th. 2016
> 33 Eastmount Ave. #1005
> Toronto ON M4K 1V3
> Canada
> Tel: 416-274-7279
> Attention of: Ruby – At Cold Fusion Now – this document is important to the Cruise Industry and your staff will be well served if you have the courage to bring it to their attention.
> Strategy – It is imperative that the governments of the fully industrialized nations [UK, Canada, USA, Germany, France, Japan and Russia] recognize the approaching disaster of extreme climate change and build a cohesive and unified political and industrial action group to phase out the use of fossil/fissile fuels within a few years for power generation by introducing the new technologies described herein of renewables plus direct electric energy cells and within two decades for the global transportation networks, by integrating the barium titanate solid state supercapacitors with clean power production for total electric propulsion
> Rolls Royce [together with the Cambridge university team researching energy], with their fine track record of innovative excellence and their opportunity to serve the greater good [Mitigating the approaching disaster of extreme climate change], are well placed to build, test and prove the EC40 prototype of the Direct Electric Energy Cell that will likely revolutionize the production of clean, powerful, compact land-based electric power and when used with the emerging “Supercapacitor” technology will enable the immediate commencement of a retro-fit program [applying to all industrialized nations] for all the worlds transportation networks, into a state of electric propulsion [thus reduce polluting emissions to land, sea and air to almost zero within a few decades].
> The UK would form a cohesive consortium with – Canada, America, Germany, France, Japan and Russia in launching this technology to the world rapidly. What a great and progressive opportunity.
> From: John Varney Dated: May 30th. 2016
> 33 Eastmount Ave. #1005
> Toronto ON M4K 1V3
> Canada
> Tel: 416-274-7279
> To: Researchers, Manufacturers in the power generation and transportation industries, Governments and the media.
> The pollution of land, sea and air by the use of fossil/fissile fuels over the past century, is the leading cause of global warming, climate change and the acceleration of species extinction.
> The global society is now united in calling for drastic action by governments and industry [via existing and emerging technologies] to mitigate the approaching chaos and devastation of extreme climate change.
> The only action that will achieve an acceptable remedy is the elimination of the use of fossil/fissile fuels for power generation, all forms of transportation and for the elimination of the manufacture and storage of nuclear fuels and nuclear weaponry.
> This new concept of the “Direct Electric energy cell” converts basic fusion reactions from pure hydrogen gas [contained at extreme pressure and temperature conditions within a special catalyst cartridge consisting of a matrix of vertically aligned nanotubes] to isotopes of hydrogen , namely deuterium, tritium and finally helium. These isotopes are stripped of their electrons [which flow to the anode plate] whilst the remaining ions flow to the cathode plate and thus form a dc. electric current [measured in AMPS]. The dc. current is then allied to a variable voltage [applied to the anode plate] that provides the means of exporting dc. electric power from the cathode electrode, at a very wide range of power operating typically from 2% of max. continuous rating to 100% of max.continuous rating [from 1000 vlts to 50,000 volts]. Further processing of exported power will transform the dc. power to ac. power at the voltage matching the local grid.
> When fully tested and proven the Direct Electric energy Cell will be specified via a universal, thorough and comprehensive document that will enable all industrialized nations to enter a mass production program [of utmost urgency] that is stable and globally managed. The net result will be the complete conversion [replacement] of all the world’s fossil fired power generating stations as well as all of the worlds nuclear [fission] power generating stations within a period of a few years. The subsequent dismantling of this multitude of redundant plants will produce major global projects that ensure the process is environmentally friendly.
> For the auto and aero engine manufacturers, incremental improvement [over time] of engine efficiency is no more than a feeble and convenient “lip service” to the grave challenge facing the global society and actually prolongs the use of fossil fuels on the boast of high efficiency. With the enormous manufacturing capacity [world-wide] now available, existing and emerging energy technologies [urgently tested and proven] can be rapidly implemented around the world to establish an infrastructure of clean energy power generation within a few years and can subsequently, effect a new era of electric propulsion [for the entire global transportation networks] within a few decades.
> This is an invitation to you, to be involved in developing these concepts [without any obligation to the originator John Varney, for protection of his legal rights or for any involvement by him in any business ventures that may propagate from your testing and proving programs].
> About me: Now long retired after an extensive career in engineering starting in 1956 – 1961 [apprenticeship plus college degree HNC mech].In the 1960s with Rolls- Royce on aero engine design and then nuclear submarine reactor design. Subsequently in several heavy industries consulting on process plants, steel plants and power generation.
> I now enjoy creating new and progressive concepts for government and industry for them to initiate proving and testing and to subsequently [and urgently] build a vigorous global business without any legal or business obligation to me.
> I am choosing not to be active in any initiated program but if kept in the loop of project, will be happy via email to make any suggestions that may maintain progress.
> Pathway to clean energy
> A brief window of opportunity has opened for human society to make a crucial break with fossil/fissile fuels before the climate change chaos threatens our survival. The attached document presents the technology and strategy for our collective action.
> The renewables of wind and solar energy sources, would be complimented with a new raw fuel of “water”, which with a process of refining via electrolysis, will form pure hydrogen gas that will support basic fusion reactions [known as LENR].
> When this new, clean power generating source of “Direct Electric Energy Cells” is integrated with the emerging and remarkable energy storage technology of “super-capacitors “, we then have the opportunity to transform all the global transportation networks via retrofit of existing systems [and later by building new networks] to electric propulsion.
> Not only is the pollution of the atmosphere, oceans and land masses arrested, but global industry will be energized to accommodate millions and millions of new long-term quality jobs to help close the gap between rich and poor.
> This vast global undertaking, as it gets underway, will be the greatest project ever contemplated by mankind and this pathway will create a global, political and industrial cohesion that will demand stability, inclusion and equality giving future generations a prospect of hope, health and a thriving aspiration for life.
> John Varney

Webinar with Ruby and Energy 2.0 Saturday Sep 24


Ooops! Webinar with Ruby on Sat Sep 24!

Join me for a cappuccino and discussion with the Energy 2.0 Society on making movies and art about cold fusion science. I’ll talk about meeting some of the top scientists in the field and who’s next in the Cold Fusion Now! camera crosshairs. Ask me questions, and I’ll try to answer too!

“Communicating the Science of LENR/cold fusion” is the rather flat title, but straight-up, that’s what it is!

The details?

Saturday, September 24, 2016
10 am CDT (8AM West coast US) (3PM GMT)
(Check for your time)

Register for the webinar at

Join the conversation on Saturday at

Download a flyer here.


See you there!

Upcoming Events for May and 2016

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Bastrop, Texas, US brings science, art, politics and grassroots activism together for radical environmental change starting May 28.

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement
Conference 2016

Advanced Tickets


May 28-29, 2016
Bastrop/Austin, Texas US


A LENR meeting is newly proposed to educate mainstream scientists on developments in the field. Sponsored by the European Physical Society, the meeting is contingent upon at least 40 registrants. However, the scheduled program is available and contains talks by leaders in the field.

Satellite Meeting on LENR

Scheduled Program

Saturday, July 9, 2016
Sint-Michielsstraat 2
Leuven, Belgium

*Meeting subject to 40 or more registrations by May 31st.


The 20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science occurs in Sendai, Japan this October. Sponsored by Clean Planet and Tohoku University, updates on experimental results and commercial successes and challenges will be presented.

title-logo20th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science ICCF-20
Co-chairs Professors Yasuhiro Iwamura and Jirohta Kasagi
Hosted by CMNR Division, Research Center for Electron Photon Science (ELPH)and Tohoku University
Sponsored in part by Tohoku University and Clean Planet


Clean Planet

October 2-7, 2016
Sendai City Information & Industrial Plaza
Sendai, Japan

To list an Event, contact Ruby Carat at