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For some time now, since www.science.gov and www.scienceaccelerator.gov first appeared, both of which are sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) and Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), there is still “0” information at the DOE’s home page, www.energy.gov, with respect to either LENR or Cold Fusion. 

This is hard to understand in light of the fact both the aforementioned web sites have better than 1,000 selected pieces of information from NASA and many of the other National Labs and Universities.


Something nags me about the state of denial that exists at their home page.

Can someone fill me in?


Your Dictionary: Cold Fusion LENR Energy

We depend on dictionaries to provide meaning in our lives. What does your dictionary have to say about cold fusion/LENR energy research and engineering? Let’s take a look and see what these online dictionaries have to say about the nuclear active environment of “cold fusion”. Editors of dictionaries have an obligation to get it right.

My favorite dictionary, until recently, was the “Websters’ New World Dictionary.

I Was Disappointed to See What They had to Say “Cold Fusion” LENR Science

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Syllabification: (cold fu·sion)

Definition of cold fusion:  Nuclear fusion occurring at or close to room temperature. Claims for its discovery in 1989 are generally held to have been mistaken.

Click here Macmillan Dictionary Cold Fusion

Definition cold fusion: noun [uncountable] physics

A type of nuclear fusion that some scientists believe can happen at the normal temperature inside a building.

Click here American Heritage Cultural Dictionary – Cold Fusion

Cold fusion definition:

The fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium at room temperature. In 1989 two scientists announced that they had produced cold fusion in their laboratory, an achievement that — if true — would have meant a virtually unlimited cheap energy supply for humanity. When other scientists were unable to reproduce their results, the scientific community concluded that the original experiment had been flawed. The American Heritage New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy

Click here Cambridge English Language Teaching – Cold Fusion

We do not have an entry for cold fusion. Have a look at how it is spelled. Did you type it correctly? We have these words with similar spellings or pronunciations:

  • collusion
  • confusion
  • contusion
  • cold fish
  • conclusion
  • cold front
  • collision
  • confusions
  • nuclear fusion
  • cold sore

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Noun: cold fusion Nuclear fusion at or near room temperatures, claims to have discovered it are generally considered to have been mistaken.

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Cold fusion: A hypothetical process of producing nuclear fusion in a test tube at room temperature; more energy would be produced than would be expended.

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Cold fusion:  Some ultra-cool event that everyone would like to see happen, and some people anticipate happening; which will never happen.

Example “Jimbo, you say you got a date with Tyra Banks, the super model? Yeah, right — I’ll believe that when my pad is powered via cold fusion and I start gassin’ up my ride with hydroms.” by The Jive Chemist


We are sad to find that the dictionaries in our lives just don’t get it right.

We can not depend upon our most trusted dictionaries to provide real and timely definitions of the cold fusion/LENR energy phenomenon.

Cold fusion or low-energy-nuclear-reaction (LENR) has now been demonstrated to initiate various nuclear reactions in solid materials without application of high energy. This creates a significant challenge for science to explain and for industry to use in a rational way. Therefore, understanding what has been discovered is very important.

What Is Cold Fusion and Why Should You Care? (pdf)