Baby With the Bathwater: The Wrongful Rejection of Cold Fusion — Part I

2014 is upon us, and progress in the field of Cold Fusion (aka LENR) marches steadily on. Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC), currently operating out of California and working in collaboration with Stanford Research Institute (SRI), recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with an undisclosed South Korean company who intend to manufacture […]

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25th Anniversary of Cold Fusion at MIT Sees Major Progress Toward Real Energy Solutions

Find 2014 CF/LANR Colloquium at MIT up-to-date Full Coverage Here

Here we are at MIT for the 25th anniversary of the first public announcement of “cold fusion” by Drs. Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, and I must say that after sitting through the first 2 days of incredibly persuasive presentations from some […]

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Rare audio outtakes of Sir Arthur C. Clarke on cold fusion

Video: Arthur C. Clarke excerpt from 1998 documentary film Fire From Water

Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote in support of cold fusion when mainstream publications refused to publish on the topic. Clarke also lent the authority of his voice to the film Fire From Water, the 1998 documentary film written by […]

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Read and rate: “Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential” by Jed Rothwell

Rate this essay on cold fusion submitted to the Foundational Questions Institute, and give new energy your vote!

Cold Fusion May Have Revolutionary Potential by Jed Rothwell of LENR-CANR.org was submitted to the FQXi How Should Humanity Steer the Future? 2014 Essay Contest. Open to entries until April 18, 2014.

Go to […]

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“The Cold Fusion Revolution is Here – Time to Change the World”

The MIT IAP Cold Fusion 101 course taught by Dr. Peter Hagelstein and Dr. Mitchell Swartz was attended by Cold Fusion Now’s Jeremy Rys of Alien Scientist and all five days of science lectures are posted on the Cold Fusion Now Youtube channel.

Now, Jeremy has put together a video summarizing the […]

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Peter Hagelstein on the Fleischmann-Pons Experiment

SeriousScience.org has posted a video of Dr. Peter Hagelstein of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discussing the Pons & Fleischmann Experiment and its implications for nuclear physics.

Hagelstein will be conducting an IAP course Cold Fusion 101 on the MIT campus beginning January 27-31 with collaborator Dr. Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy, […]

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Cold Fusion to usher in second Earthrise for “grand oasis”

Video: Earthrise: The 45th Anniversary NASA Goddard

A new and powerful energy technology based on cold fusion will offer humanity a chance for a green technological future, one where all lifekind shares in the freedom of existence and Earth becomes the greatest work of art ever wrought.

Our “grand oasis” is fated for […]

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2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar Available Now!

You asked for it, and now it’s here: the 2014 History of Cold Fusion Calendar!

Jam packed with lots of new info and quotes, this year’s must-have gift for your new energy enthusiast is sure to please.

Twelve gorgeous full-color images from leading researchers of today, as well as rare photos from […]

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