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Kids come out for cold fusion

Thursday December 2, James Martinez will host a young man on the Ca$h Flow show who will be talking about his recently kindled interest in cold fusion!

Listen LIVE online at the Achieve Radio Cash-flow site and you can call-in or flash-message your questions and comments.

To listen later, go to the Ca$h […]

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On the downslope of peak oil, cold fusion remains hope for the future

Why is LENR research so important?

Because the world energy outlook portends decreased oil supplies in the near future. In fact, the International Energy Agency has finally publicly accepted the Peak scenario for conventional oil, and now claims it already happened in 2006.

What this means is that the easy oil has […]

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John Hutchison on James Martinez’ Cash-flow.

James Martinez continues his new energy series on Cash-flow at Achieve Radio with special guest John Hutchison next Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 12PM Noon PST (20:00 UTC).

Listen LIVE at the Cash-flow show website on

James will take your questions by phone, or, you can flash message […]

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Protected: This isn’t the nuclear power your mother told you about

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Status of Cold Fusion 2010

Scientists have been researching low-energy nuclear reactions for the past 22 years, and what is now known as a powerful new energy source created in the nano-scale space between the atoms of a metal.

Using less than a gram of palladium, and a type of hydrogen found in sea-water called […]

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The power of words

If the world is waves, then sound, and word, hold power.

Do you doubt this?

Last Thursday, November 11 on his Ca$h Flow show, James Martinez read an email written by the parent of one young future scientist, 12 year-old Sasha.

Sasha became inspired by Dr. Jan Marwan’s interview from […]

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Buzz Visits Mr Wizard About Cold Fusion

BUZZ COASTIN is one of the most prolific video artists on YouTube operating under various accounts, mashing together remnants from previous technologies along with current day media obsessions, personal travels, and a whirlwind of blips,bleeps,and media ecology commentary; he’s a cold fusion follower and occasionally incorporates it into his video collages. […]

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BBC archive footage profiles sono-luminescence

Researchers have developed various designs to induce “cold fusion” since the original Pons and Fleischmann electrolytic cell, so that now, cold fusion is an umbrella term to describe many different forms of creating non-conventional fusion energy.

This video is a brief history of cold fusion along with a profile of […]

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