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Cold Fusion Now! just launched a podcast series featuring top scientists and researchers in the field of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS), where atomic power from water is a potentially revolutionary new source of energy.

The nano-nuclear reactions use no radioactive materials, create no radioactive waste, and produce no CO2. Yet understanding the science behind the variety of reactions remains a barrier to developing a technology. Episodes survey researchers and technologists to determine the current state of understanding and development in cold fusion/LENR.

Podcasts are recorded by Robin Carter. Music and editing is by Esa Ruoho a.k.a. Lackluster https://lackluster.bandcamp.com/.

e003 Dr. Andrew Meulenberg is an experimental physicist and LENR theoretician. He earned a PhD from Vanderbilt University in low-energy Nuclear Physics and spent 37 years in the aerospace industry as an independent consultant. He was also a Principle Scientist at Draper Laboratories (previously MIT Instrumentation Lab).

Dr. Andrew Meulenberg, LENR Theoretician [Right Click to Download]

e002 Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI International, previously Stanford Research Institute – where there continues an almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. He semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016 and is currently consulting with international research groups.

Dr. Michael McKubre, LENR Consultant [Right Click to Download]

e001 Dr. David J. Nagel of George Washington University in Washington, DC will be talking about The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, an area of condensed matter nuclear science that has major scientific challenges ahead and yet holds a very real promise of a practical new ultra-clean energy technology.

David J. Nagel of George Washington University [Right Click to Download]

Cold Fusion Now! Podcast Series Intro [Right Click to Download]

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HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion describes the nano-gap and hydroton theory with Dr. Edmund Storms, a nuclear chemist and cold fusion researcher now retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory. Featuring animation by Jasen Chambers, music by Esa Ruoho a.k.a. Lackluster, ICCF18 video by Eli Elliott, filmed, narrated, and edited by Ruby Carat. 2017


Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Andrew Meulenberg

Nuclear physicist and LENR theoretician Dr. Andrew Meulenberg talks about deep-orbit electrons as an explanation for LENR, and how this model addresses the vast variety of data in LENR experiments. After retiring from Draper Laboratories, Dr. Meulenberg was visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Science, where he again met up with former colleague Dr. …

Cold Fusion Now! podcast with Michael McKubre

The second in our series surveying the cold fusion landscape features Dr. Michael McKubre, former Director of Energy Research at SRI International, previously Stanford Research Institute, where there continues an-almost-thirty-years program of experimental research in LENR/cold fusion. Dr. McKubre semi-retired to New Zealand in March 2016, and is currently consulting informally with several international research …