About Cold Fusion?

Cold fusion describes a form of energy generated when hydrogen interacts with various metals like nickel and palladium.
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Events Journal

  • ICCF-19 start of “new cycle”

ICCF-19 start of “new cycle”

The 19th International Conference on Cold Fusion has closed and attendees are arriving back home.

“There were many high points,” said Michael McKubre, who spoke at the conference on Cold […]

  • SCIENCE from ICCF19


Bits and pieces of new energy news continues to trickle from Padua, Italy where the 19th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science is being held.

Cold Fusion Dog Dr. Bob wrote, […]

Did You Know?

One important implication of cold fusion is that there are at least 300 gallons of gasoline equivalent energy in every gallon of ordinary water.
Dr. Eugene Mallove
To supply a city with a gigawatt of power over a full day, 9,000 tons of coal must be burned. That amount of energy production would require only one pound of heavy-water containing deuterium and would produced only 4 pounds of helium exhaust.
Dr. Mitchell Swartz
6-8% of the electrical power generated in the U.S. is lost in the grid delivery system, a loss equivalent to about 50 entire power stations. LENR technology has no need of a grid system.
David J. Nagel
Whether it’s infinite energy, or the economy or geopolitics, people have belief systems, and it’s very hard to break out of them, so they have a very narrow vision of the future …
And to think that here we are in the 21st century and fossil fuels are our main source of energy, it’s a fossil idea.
Gerald Celente
It (cold fusion) could be the end of the fossil fuel age; the end of oil and coal. And the end, incidentally, of many of our worries about global warming.
Arthur C. Clarke
It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.

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