ICCF-18 Full Coverage

Cold Fusion Now! reported daily from the 18th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF-18) held at the University of Missouri July 21-26, 2013 with photos, lecture summaries, and video.

All available papers and presentation .pdfs are at the University of Missouri archive here: https://mospace.umsystem.edu/xmlui/handle/10355/35425

Thanks go to the scientists who gave their permission to make their presentation public, and many thanks to Christy Frazier of Infinite Energy Magazine, and Eugene Mallove’s New Energy Foundation, providing support for research and advocacy for the entire community.

Communiques from Columbia
Cold Fusion Now! daily coverage from ICCF-18

Message from ICCF-18: Sunday Basic Course
Day 1 Opening Reception: Top Researchers and New Faces
Day 2 Monday: Strong Claims and Rebuttals
Day 3 Tuesday: PHOTOS!
Day 4 Wednesday: Presentations and Behind the Scenes
Day 5 Thursday: Presentation and Awards
Day 6: The Way Forward
Banquet Snapshots: Celebrating Science
ICCF-18 Post Thoughts: Long Hours, High Spirits, and The Young Guns by Eli Elliott
Concluding Observations on ICCF-18 by David French

Lecture Presentation Videos

On Youtube, switch quality to “720P” for HD quality.

Monday, July 22, 2013 Presentation videos [Post][Playlist]

Dr. Edmund StormsExplaining Cold Fusion” [.pdf slides]

Distinguished Scientist Award: Dr. Edmund Storms
with Tom Claytor

Dr. Jean-Paul BiberianHigh Temperature and High Pressure Plasma Electrolysis Experiments” [.pdf slides]

Jed RothwellLessons from Cold Fusion Archives and From History” [.pdf script]

Dr. Vladimir VysotskiiSubbarrier Processes in LENR for Particles in Correlated States at Action of Damping and Fluctuations” [.pdf slides]

Dr. Mark PrelasSporadic Neutron Production by Pressure-Loaded D/Ti Systems Under High Rates of Temperature Change” [.pdf slides]

Keith FredericksPossibility of Tachyon Monopoles Detected in Photographic Emulsions” [.pdf slides]

Dr. Yasuhiro IwamuraRecent Advances in Deuterium Permeation Induced Transmutation Experiments Using Nano-Structured Pd/CaO/Pd Multilayer Thin Film” [.pdf slides]

Matt McConnell (Coolescence) Entrepreneurial Efforts [.pdf slides]

Dr. Mitchell Swartz (JET Energy) Entrepreneurial Efforts [.pdf slides]

Tyler van Houwelingen and Bob Greenyer (Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project)
Entrepreneurial Efforts [.pdf slides]

Nicholas Chauvin (LENR Cars) Entrepreneurial Efforts [.pdf slides]

Dr. Max Fomitchev-Zamilov (Quantum Potential Corp) Entrepreneurial Efforts [.pdf slides]

Robert Godes (Brillouin Energy) Entrepreneurial Efforts

Tuesday, July 23, 2013 Presentation videos [Post]

Michael McKubre and Edmund Storms Tritium Panel Part 1
Edmund Storms “Success in Making Tritium” [slides]

Mahadeva Srinivasan Tritium Panel Part 2
Mahadeva Srinivasan “Revisiting Early BARC Tritium Results” [slides]

Tom Claytor and Q&A Tritium Panel Part 3

Francesco CelaniFurther progress/developments, on surface/bulk treated Constantan wires, for anomalous heat generation by H2/D2 interaction” [slides]

Mitchell SwartzAmplification and Restoration of Energy Gain Using Fractionated Magnetic Fields on ZrO2-PdD Nanostructured CF/LANR Quantum Electronic Component” [slides]

Mathieu ValatCelani’s Wire Excess Heat Effect Replication” [slides]

Olga DmitriyevaNumerical Modeling of Hydrogen/Deuterium Absorption in Transition-Metal Alloys” [slides]

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 Presentation videos [Post][Playlist]

Robert Duncan ENEA Workshop [slides]
Graham Hubler ENEA Workshop [slides]
Michael McKubre ENEA Workshop [slides]

David NagelProduction and Destruction of Elements by Low Energy Nuclear Reactions” [All Nagel slides]

Thomas BarnardHigh Energy D2 Bond from Feynman’s Integral Wave Equation” [slides]

Peter HagelsteinLattice-induced Nuclear Excitation and Coherent Energy Exchange in the Karabut Experiment” [All Hagelstein slides]

Graham HublerSidney Kimmel Institute for Nuclear Renaissance (SKINR) Overview” [slides]

Roger StringhamConservation of Energy and Momentum, a Cavitation Heat Event” [slides]

Thursday July 25 Presentation videos [Post][Playlist]

Akito TakahashiNuclear Products of Cold Fusion by TSC Theory” [All Takahashi slides]

Andrew MeulenbergComposite Model for LENR in Linear Defects of a Lattice” [slides] [All Meulenberg slides]

Yeong KimTheoretical Analysis and Reaction Mechanisms for Experimental Results of Hydrogen-Nickel Systems” [slides]

Transmutations in Biological and Chemical Systems Panel
Jean-Paul Biberian, Chair
Vladimir Vysotskii

Akira KitamuraA Mass-Flow-Calorimetry System for Scaled-up Experiments on Anomalous Heat Evolution at Elevated Temperatures” [slides]

Neutron and Radiation Production Panel
Xing Zhong Li, Chair [slides]
John Gahl
Frank Gordon [slides]
Graham Hubler [slides]
Thomas Passell

Friday, July 26 Presentation videos [Post][Playlist]

Condensed Matter Nuclear Science – The Way Forward Panel
Mahadeva Srinivasan, Chair [slides]
Jean-Paul Biberian
Yury Bazhutov
Akira Kitamura [slides]
Xing-Zhong Li
Sunwon Park [slides]
Vittorio Violante

Synthesis Panel

Closing Session
Robert Duncan, University of Missouri, ICCF-18 General Chair and Annette Sobel Program Organizer
ICCF-18 Organization [.pdf]
ICCF-18 Program Overview [.pdf]
ICCF-18 Statistics [.pdf]

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