UPDATE October 20 The Believers wins Hugo Gold award for Best Documentary at Chicago Film Festival. [Movie City News]

The first premiere of “The Believers“, a new cold fusion documentary produced by 137 Films occurred last night at the Chicago Film Festival.

From their F-book page, we have a photo of Directors Clayton Brown and Monica Long Ross on the red carpet.

At the time of this writing, the only review post-screening is by Lisa Nesselson from Screen Daily, who noted Cold Fusion Radio’s James Martinez‘ participation:

The doc begins with James Martinez, a California DJ who broadcasts on internet-based Cold Fusion Now Radio. While enthusiastic, he has nothing of the bug-eyed loony about him when making pronouncements such as “This is the key to liberating the human race.”

The review continued fairly neutral, noting “The filmmakers leave viewers to draw their own conclusions, but there’s much here to pique the interest of any layman.”

Containing quotes by Martin and Sheila Fleischmann, Ms. Nesselson concludes with:

Either there’s some delicate variable or the chemists were mistaken. A man who was a grad student in Fleischmann and Pons’ department at the time says “I will defend them at every turn. What we did was real.”

Read the full review at http://www.screendaily.com/reviews/the-latest/the-believers/5047850.article?blocktitle=Latest-Reviews&contentID=1479

The next screening of The Believers is this Saturday afternoon October 20. The directors will again be on-hand for a Q&A post screening.

Cold Fusion Now’s Eli Elliott will be in attendance on Saturday with free stickers and t-shirts for promotion, and to gauge the audience’s response.