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Cold Fusion NOW!

Cold Fusion Now says no to dirty hydrocarbon fuels and their environmental pollution; no to today’s dangerous nuclear power plants creating radioactive waste with no disposal plan.
Cold fusion technology is the viable alternative energy that could power a new generation of technology for humankind. Safe clean, and abundant, new energy offers an opportunity for a technological future on Earth. We are committed to an ultra-clean, next-generation nuclear power from the hydrogen in water.

Show Highlights:

-What is Cold Fusion Technology?

-Low Energy Nuclear Reactors

-Who exactly are the players?


Cold Fusion Now


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7 thoughts on “LENR the topic of Patrick Timpone’s radio show

    • Hey Brad, I wouldn’t exactly agree with your idea of where the heat comes from, or where the neutrons come from in hot fusion, but that is a small matter compared to the general discussion that you started here.

      How many people have now been introduced to this because of this audio? I wonder if Patrick will have you regularly??

      Keep going! I look forward to your next radio show You did a great job.

      • Yeah, I’m surprised at the controversy surrounding the simplest aspects of LENR. I saw a interview of Rossi by Oil exactly a year ago where he said the heat comes from nickel being trans-mutated into copper, producing gamma rays that strike the lead shielding of the LENR reactor. I usually preface my description of the LENR reaction by saying that it is a simplified version that bears little relationship to what is really taking place…I mean even for people versed in physics and chemistry it takes months to get up to speed on the Wisdom-Larsen theory (which by the way isn’t the last word).

        Frankly, I am just using this source (which I wouldn’t describe as the last word either): “A volume about the size of a #2 pencil eraser of water provides as much energy as two 48-gallon drums of gasoline. That is 355,000 times the amount of energy per volume – five orders of magnitude.” ( ).

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  2. I recently came across an old Reuters article noting the effect on the market that a positive report about cold fusion energy has… I imagine nickel will boom.

    “Gold Rises on Higher Physical Demand, PGMs Rise” By Frank Tang and Jan Harvey, NEW YORK/LONDON | Wed Apr 22, 2009

    “Among other precious metals, spot platinum was at $1,169.50 an ounce, up 1.5 percent from its late Tuesday quote of $1,152.50, while palladium was at $231.00 an ounce, up 4.1 percent from its previous finish of $222.”

    “Palladium received underlying support from renewed talk of its use in cold fusion technology after CBS-TV covered the topic on its news program “60 Minutes” on Sunday, a NYMEX floor trader said.”

    “Palladium is employed as one of the main ingredients to generate energy in cold fusion, but the technology is still in its experimental stage and has not been scientifically proven to work.”

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