Dr. Brian Ahern Connects Nanomagnetism & LENR — Interview

Dr. Ahern is a physicist with a PhD from MIT whose academic work focused on exploring BCS-theory and superconductivity. In 2012, he issued an in-depth report on nano-scale cold fusion for the Electric Power Research Institute. Earlier this year the open-source Martin Fleischman Memorial Project added Brian to their global-coalition of […]

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Radioactivity Decreasing Effect of 4-5 nm Silver Particles on K40

The Japan Radioisotope Association (JRIA) held its the 51th workshop of isotope and radiation researh at the University of Tokyo from July 7 to July 9. The program in Japanese is published here.

Dr. Norio Abe and Dr. Shin Iwasaki made presentations about the experiments of radioactivity decreasing effect of 4-5 nm […]

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Dr. Edmund Storms Explains LENR — New Interview

A brief description of our dialogue titled Nano-Cracks, Metallic Hydrogen, & Explaining LENR:

Dr. Storms is a nuclear chemist who spent thirty-four years working at Los Alamos National Labs. There he conducted research into materials for use in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of cold fusion. Ed is also the author […]

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Breakthrough Energy Conference LIVE STREAM

The 2013 Breakthrough Energy Conference in Boulder Colorado just announced that they will live stream the event starting tomorrow morning, October 10th.

Cold Fusion Now’s Ruby Carat will be the first speaker tomorrow morning at 10 am Colorado time (Mountain time zone). Also featured is James Martinez, Sterling Allan and more. Here’s […]

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Q&A with Ugo Abundo on newly forming Open Power Association

Ugo Abundo is one of the teacher’s at Leopoldo Pirelli Instruction Institute in Roma, Italia that initiated an investigation with students on cold fusion. Watch their activity at http://www.hydrobetatron.org/

This release came in about a new Association that group is forming to fund research.

1) What are the current projects and activities […]

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Power equivalent to the Sun? – We already have it!

By David J French

Although long, I believe that the following analysis is worth pursuing to the end.

While browsing through Wikipedia on the Internet I recently came across this interesting observation about the Sun:

“The power production by fusion in the core varies with distance from the solar center. At the center of […]

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Cold Fusion and Skeptopathy

Web definitions
Pathological skepticism; an irrational belief that a phenomenon must be false merely because it is unusual.

There is no better example of skeptopathy doing great harm to humanity than the history of cold fusion. Everyone is probably familiar with Fleischmann and Pons’ claim that they had discovered a […]

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Alights Upon – Cold Fusion Research and LENR Energy – SPAWAR

The nest instinct through
True imaginings delight
Leads to what’s right
Color the lining new
Tufts soft and light
Bits shiny bright
Into completion it grew
Winged creatures alight
Home for the night

1. To come down and settle, as after flight.
2. To come by chance: alight on a happy solution.
3. To dismount from a horse or vehicle.
Word Origin & […]

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