Excerpt from “A Student’s Guide to …”

In honor of school starting, here’s Bob Neveritt reading the first part of Dr. Edmund StormsA Students Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 Descriptions of the nuclear active environment. (minus a few technical symbols!)

Part I (1:02)
Bob reads Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 part 1 by Cold Fusion Now

Part II (0.41)
Bob reads Student’s Guide to Cold Fusion Chapter 4 part 2 (sort of) by Cold Fusion Now

Help correct Wolfram Alpha

Perhaps y’all know about Wolfram Alpha, the search/computational engine from Stephan Wolfram.

Well if you look up “cold fusion”, the response is erroneous.

However, there is a Feedback box right below it. I have entered feedback asking them to correct the entry and pointing them to the extensive documentation on the lenr.org site.

Please take a moment to click the “cold fusion” link above, read the entry for cold fusion, and enter some feedback to help correct their mistake.

Now that’s something – correcting Stephan Wolfram!

Addition to post:  LATER……

This was the automated response:

We appreciate your feedback regarding Wolfram|Alpha. 
The issue you reported has been passed along to our development team 
for review. Thank you for helping us improve Wolfram|Alpha.

Best wishes,
The Wolfram|Alpha Team
Input: cold fusion
Occupation: teacher
Message: Please revise your statement definition of "cold fusion".

An extensive peer-reviewed documentation has occurred over 
the last two decades that shows cold fusion is a new type of nuclear effect 
different than the conventional hot fusion model.

Look at full documentation at  http://www.lenr.org

This is an important energy source for our future.  
Please revise your statement.

Otherwise, thanks for an awesome search engine!