Indian institutions to collaborate on LENR

This is a re-post of “Scientists warming up to ‘cold fusion’, see potential in ‘other nuclear’ energy” by M Ramesh originally on Hindu BusinessLine. Links to relevant institutions and emphasis has been added.

Chennai, April 9:

About thirty scientists from all over India met in Bengaluru on Tuesday to discuss […]

Dr. Sally Goerner Discusses Chaos, Complexity & Social Transition — Interview

This is an interview I recently conducted w/ general systems theorist Dr. Sally J. Goerner. While not focusing on Cold Fusion-LENR per se, it does focus on how a society might transition (aka self-organize) during a time of tumultuous change. It seems to me that CF-LENR, as well as the hope & uncertainty […]

UK Ministry of Defence Global Strategic Trends Report, Winston Churchill, and Cold Fusion

Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2040
– UK Ministry of Defence [.pdf]


Global Strategic Trends is a comprehensive view of the future produced by a research team at the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC).
This edition of Global Strategic Trends is benchmarked at 12 January 2010.
DCDC’s Strategic Trends Programme aims to provide a […]

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Appeal to Putin on cold fusion countered with ‘nothing new’

A message from Dr. Edward Tsyganov:

Dear colleagues!

In early February 2014, I sent an appeal to the President of the Russian Federation on the so-called “cold fusion.” The realization that, in this case, we have encountered a completely new and epoch-making event in nuclear physics prompted me to do so. Cold fusion […]

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LENR subject of Italian Parliament query

Cold Fusion: the new parliamentary question Written by Roberta De Carolis
Thursday, March 13, 2014

Original Italian


Google translate English


An excerpt:

Cold fusion. The ‘E-Cat and LENR all devices subject of a new parliamentary question. The act formally presented to the Minister of Education, Universities and Research on March 4, was […]

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It’s Still All About Energy

Japan marks the third anniversary of the Fukushima tsunami-quake disaster from Deutsche Welle.

“We have to engage in the preventative care” for the planet, says U.S. Senator Ed Markey, during an all-night filibuster towards a new energy policy. Markey has been contacted multiple times about the solution that cold fusion offers, […]

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President Obama and LENR Energy – Cold Fusion Now

Is President Barrak Obama or MIT aware of developments in LENR Energy?

MIT blocked funding to cold fusioneer Haglestein for LENR Energy research in 2012.

Obama is mute concerning NASA and SPAWAR breakthrough LENR Energy (popular cold fusion) research and engineering.
Here’s an announcement from Mitchell Swartz’s Cold Fusion Times web site of a conference to […]

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Science journal rejections suppress clean energy research

The recently published Volume 12 December 2013 Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science has an article detailing censorship by science journals.

“How the Flawed Journal Review Process Impedes Paradigm Shifting Discoveries” by P.A. Mosier-Boss, L.P. Forsley, and F.E. Gordon describes the experience of these researchers as they submitted papers describing their low-energy […]

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