Peak Oil

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Mother of All Black Swans

Title graphic: M. King Hubbert’s graph of the fossil fuel age and it’s successor nuclear power in geologic time.

This is a re-post of an article written by Tom Whipple of the Falls Church News Press.
The original article is here.

Even Saudi Arabia’s oil minister is starting to talk about the advent […]

New E-Cat Report Positive, 1400C+ and Isotopic Changes in Ni+Li

New E-Cat Report Download Here
Observation of abundant heat production from a reactor device
and of isotopic changes in the fuel
This test was performed by the same group as the previous test with the following names on the paper:

Giuseppe Levi
Bologna University, Bologna, Italy
Evelyn Foschi
Bologna, Italy
Bo Höistad, Roland Pettersson and Lars Tegnér
Uppsala University, Uppsala, […]

Michael Ruppert RIP (1951-2014)

Michael C. Ruppert, investigative journalist, peak oil activist, and star of the movie Collapse, has taken his life. It appears to be confirmed that a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head on Sunday evening, just a few hours after his radio show, was the cause.

Mike’s history ranges from former […]

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Earth at Night: Act today for the long now

Photo: (L) Western and Central U.S. at Night, Year 2000, (R) Western and Central U.S. at Night, Year 2012. In one decade, fracking in the Bakken has created an expansive industrial infrastructure.

NASA’s Earth at Night series reveals the landscape of the Oil Age. Hydrocarbons such as coal supply most […]

The divine road ahead

I am a one- trick pony.

OK. A three-trick pony then.

I do not have the scary blades of Wolverine or Thor’s mighty Hammer.

And there is a lot of water between me and Igil Skallagrimson.

I am not even as good a poet. (You guessed that he was an exceptional Poet, right?)

However, I […]

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Widespread destruction of ecosystems and wildlife from tar sands

This is a re-post from the Post Carbon Insitute, dedicated to documenting the last moments of the Chemical Age and who unfortunately does not yet realize the potential of the New Energy Age.

Original article is here.

Tar Sands Is Worse Than You Can Imagine: Incredible Images You Have to See
Posted Apr 19, […]

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Protected: Tomorrowland

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In Why Are the Big Financial Institutions Selling Oil BIG?, author Torkel Nyberg links oil and low-energy nuclear reactions (LENR) in his analysis of a recent Commitment of Traders (COT) reports.

It is a provocative thesis of his that the largest of corporations and financial institutions have inside knowledge of a […]