Borealis LENR Patent – Elektron is the Greek Word for Amber

The Borealis family of companies could convert popular cold fusion (LENR thermal) energy to desired electrical current at 50% to 80% Carnot efficiency with their Power Chips. This matches, and may nearly double, known industrial electricity production efficiencies.

Then with their Chorus group of advanced polyphase induction motors they can provide […]

Commercial Developments presented at 2014 MIT Cold Fusion Conference

The recent 2014 Cold Fusion/LENR/LANR conference from March 21st to March 23rd at Massachusetts Institute of Technology happened to overlap with the 25th anniversary of the announcement of the discovery of cold fusion at the university of Utah. Against all odds, huge strides in understanding the phenomenon were made in the […]

US Examiner Addresses Andrea Rossi US Patent Application

The US Examiner at the United States Patent Office has finally reached the patent application of Andrea Rossi. That application was first filed as an Italian filing on April 9, 2008. It was translated into English and up-graded into an application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty – PCT on August 4, […]

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Seldon Technologies, NASA, and LENR

“The present disclosure combines the unique properties of nanotubes and in one embodiment carbon nanotubes, in a novel manifestation designed to meet current and future energy needs in an environmentally friendly way. Devices powered with nanotube based nuclear power systems may substantially change the current state of power distribution.” 
–Retired U.S. Rear […]

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Mitsubishi Cold Fusion LENR Patent Granted Transmutes Nuclear Waste

Amazingly enough LENR patents are now being granted, after passing the muster of the patent examiner. They must perform, as described, in order to do so. Each time I rejoice, and after studying it deeply, appreciate the brilliant and applied efforts undertaken to achieve such a patent granted.

Initial Patent Application – Filed 2001
Nuclide […]

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Liviu Popa Simil – LENR – Nuclear Battery Roadmap

This fellow proves to be quite bright…  Just study his patents granted.

One example is:

“Nano-structured Nuclear Radiation Shielding”

In July, 2012 he presented the following paper and slide show at the LENR International Conference:

“Roadmap to Fusion Battery – A Novel Type of Nuclear Battery and Potential Outcomes and Applications”


“The Fusion battery was the […]

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Message from ICCF-18: Sunday Basic Course

Some 25 enthusiastic participants signed up for David Nagel’s Basic Course, scheduled to run from 8 AM to 4:30 PM on Sunday, July 21, Registration Day for ICCF-18.

David Nagel arranged for presentations to be made by: Michael Melich; Mahadeva Srinivasan; Vittorio Violante; Michael McKubre; Peter Hagelstein ; David Nagel himself, and […]

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Transmutes Radioactive Wastes Now – U.S. Navy and LENR Energy

The United States of America Navy LENR energy patent is noteworthy. The transmutation of radioactive waste to benign elements through LENR low energy nuclear reactions is of global importance. With the continuing Fukushima disaster, inadequate storage of spent fuel rods, and the plutonium sludge leaks at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation site; […]

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